AWS invests in space computing with SimSpace Weaver

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Making simulations on the scale of a large metropolis… Such is the function of the new AWS service announced at Re:Invent and called SimSpace Weaver… Digital twins are gaining momentum. AWS describes SimSpace Weaver as a fully managed computing service specifically designed to help customers build, operate and run large-scale space simulations. By “space simulation”, … Read more

Silicon remains irreplaceable, even for quantum computing

Silicon remains irreplaceable even for quantum computing

In order to improve the computing capabilities of quantum computing systems, the French start-up Siquance thinks that silicon could be the solution. By making a quantum chip by burning silicon, the start-up hopes to make a functional machine. Silicon is the backbone of modern computing, so much so that Silicon Valley, California, owes its name … Read more

Quantum computing: IBM takes a power leap with its new 433-qubit processor – CNET France

Quantum computing IBM takes a power leap with its new

IBM has just announced that it has designed a new quantum processor with 433 qubits. baptized Osprey, it has three times more qubits than the IBM Eagle processor unveiled in 2021. Enough to considerably increase the computing power of the system. IBM has been working for years to makequantum computing commercial success, competing with big … Read more

Device could advance quantum computing and quantum networks – News Physics and Quantum Computing

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Optical photons are ideal carriers of quantum information. But to work together in a quantum computer or network, they must have the same color – or frequency – and the same bandwidth. Changing the frequency of a photon requires changing its energy, which is particularly difficult on integrated photonic chips. Recently, researchers at the Harvard … Read more

Qubit Pharmaceuticals Leverages NVIDIA and Hybrid Quantum Computing to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Qubit Pharmaceuticals Leverages NVIDIA and Hybrid Quantum Computing to Accelerate

Qubit Pharmaceuticals, a deeptech specializing in simulation and molecular modeling through the use of quantum physics, announced on Wednesday, November 30 the creation of a platform aimed at accelerating drug discovery by hybrid, classical and quantum computing on the NVIDIA Quantum Optimized Device Architecture (QODA). Qubits Pharmaceuticals was created in 2020, its five co-founders come … Read more

Making a quantum fiber – News Physics and Quantum Computing

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Invented in 1970 by Corning Incorporated, low-loss optical fiber has become the best way to efficiently transport information from one location to another over long distances without loss of information. The most common mode of data transmission these days is through conventional fiber optics – a single central channel transmits information. However, with the exponential … Read more

Epita opens a new course to train engineers in quantum computing

Epita, a renowned school training computer engineers in five years, announced on November 24 the launch of a new major to train specialists in quantum software programming. This specialization will offer 700 hours of teaching spread over 18 months. The school had already been offering a quantum minor for several years, providing 39 hours of … Read more

DeepMind’s AI Discovers a New Method of Computing

DeepMinds AI Discovers a New Method of Computing

— metamorworks / An advanced artificial intelligence created by the company DeepMind has discovered a new way to multiply numbers. Described as the first advance of its kind in more than 50 years, this discovery could increase the speed of certain calculations by 20%. Improve matrix calculation The matrix multiplication, which consists of multiplying … Read more

OpenOcean–IQM-Lakestar State of Quantum 2022: 63% of business leaders believe commercialized quantum computing will hit the market in five years

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The report reveals that 91% of business leaders surveyed have already invested or plan to invest in quantum computing. 61% of business leaders plan to invest $1 million or more in quantum computing over the next three years ESPOO, Finland, November 16, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OpenOceana leading European venture capital firm, IQM Quantum Computersa European leader in … Read more

Quantum computing companies are looking for their talents

Quantum computing companies are looking for their talents

Like most technology sectors, quantum computing is experiencing a skills shortage. According a report published in September 2022 by the World Economic Forum, more than half of companies specializing in quantum computing are currently hiring. This represents a challenge for the industry. Governments and corporations are investing tens of billions of dollars in quantum computing, … Read more