Meta Store: developers denounce excessive fees Computerworld

Meta Store developers denounce excessive fees Computerworld

Facebook’s parent company is under fire from critics because of its Meta Store containing applications for its Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Excessive development costs and lack of consensus worsen the relationship between Meta and developers. Is the metaverse a near future or a complete utopia? What is certain is that Meta, the parent company … Read more

Security survives budget cuts Computerworld

Spending all the gold in the world to fund computer security projects and actions is not enough. It is also necessary to effectively train its teams to apply application patches. Good news: recession or not, security remains a somewhat unavoidable expense for CIOs, according to data from a latest survey from Morgan Stanley Research. However, … Read more

Hermit spyware claims victims from the App Store Computerworld

Used by the government of Kazakhstan, the Hermit spyware developed by the Italian RCS Labs attacks both Android and iOS terminals. Users should be even more wary, as fake account management applications carrying spyware have been identified on the App Store. As old as the world, spyware is still – unfortunately – on the rise. … Read more

Wells Fargo prepares for the quantum leap Computerworld

The financial institution explores the potential contributions of quantum computing and validates use cases in view of the upheaval to come. As Wells Fargo CIO Chintan Mehta says, “We can’t miss the possibilities of quantum.” It was in 2019 that Wells Fargo discovered the potential of quantum computing. At the time, the financial services company … Read more

Working in a metaverse really sucks, confirm researchers Computerworld

Working in a metaverse really sucks confirm researchers Computerworld

A team of researchers subjected guinea pigs to a 40-hour workweek in VR (using an Oculus headset) with terrible, but expected, results. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, intends to impose his metaverse, a web environment that allows most people to interact both with content and with other people in virtual reality. He believes in … Read more

Faced with telework, stress affects IT support teams Computerworld

Faced with telework stress affects IT support teams Computerworld

While on-site IT support has become scarce, IT support staff are under increasing pressure to help remote workers. They demand better tools and suitable working conditions. There will be no turning back. IT support has changed forever, as more and more employees now work from a number of remote locations and are no longer sitting … Read more

Parity and continuing education, weak links in cybersecurity ComputerWorld

In a global study, the computer security company Trellix stresses the importance of professional training, much more than diplomas, to compensate for the lack of cyber specialists. The low proportion of women also continues to prevail in these occupations. As cyber threats continue to multiply and grow in complexity, the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals … Read more

Data Science: Dataiku rapidly deploys on AWS with CloudStack Computerworld

Data Science Dataiku rapidly deploys on AWS with CloudStack Computerworld

Using a no-code accelerator, Dataiku’s data and ML model management platform can be deployed in hours on the AWS public cloud. Business users and data scientists then access it from their browser and can also connect to AWS managed cloud services. A few weeks ago, the French publisher Dataiku delivered its no-code CloudStack accelerator to … Read more

Tableau Cloud integrates Data Stories to explain data clearly Computerworld

Tableau Cloud integrates Data Stories to explain data clearly Computerworld

Extending and facilitating access to data analysis is one of the focuses of Tableau, which organized its annual conference in Las Vegas this week. To present the analyzed data in natural language, the editor integrates Data Stories into its SaaS offer, renamed Tableau Cloud. It also adds the ability to create native predictive models, without … Read more

Wide disparity in developer salaries around the world Computerworld

Wide disparity in developer salaries around the world Computerworld

CodingGame released the results of its developer survey in 2022 showing a wide disparity in salaries around the world. The study also gives indications on the opportunities in terms of language and framework. At a time of the phenomenon of “the great resignation” and a shortage of skills in computer development, CodingGame, the site specializing … Read more