Artificial Intelligence to identify new compounds

Artificial Intelligence to identify new compounds

Hybrid perovskites form a very promising class of semiconductors for the design of low-cost solar cells with light conversion efficiencies now approaching those of silicon. Scientists from CNRS (The National Center for Scientific Research, better known by its acronym CNRS, is the largest…) have developed a tool (A tool is a finalized object used by … Read more

Using machine learning and simple X-ray spectra, researchers can discover compounds that could power next-generation computer chips or quantum devices. – News Physics and Quantum Computing

Soon in France the same Internet regulation as in California

Topological materials, an exotic class of materials whose surfaces exhibit different electrical or functional properties than their interiors, have been a hot area of ​​research since their experimental realization in 2007 – a discovery that sparked new research and precipitated a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2016 These materials are believed to have great potential … Read more

New approach identifies highly specific anti-cancer compounds – Pharmacology and Drugs News

Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital have identified potent and highly specific compounds that interfere with bromodomain (BD)-containing proteins implicated in cancer. The compounds, called BET BD1 inhibitors, are a starting point in the development of potentially more effective cancer drugs with fewer side effects. The team reports in the Proceedings … Read more

Cyanobacterin biosynthesis opens up a new class of natural compounds for applications in medicine and agriculture

Researchers from the groups of Prof. Tobias Gulder from the Technical University of Dresden and Prof. Tanja Gulder from the University of Leipzig have succeeded in understanding the biosynthetic mechanisms for the production of the natural product cyanobacterin, which in nature is produced in small quantities by the cyanobacterium Scytonema hofmanni. In the process, they … Read more