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A computer server failure can have disastrous repercussions for a business. The losses are generally huge and can impact the operation of the structure and the sustainability of its activities. Failures can have various origins: software problems, human errors, hardware problems, external actions, etc. Although these failures are sometimes unavoidable, it is possible to take … Read more

B2B Metavers: companies, don’t wait any longer!

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The Metaverse, and more particularly the B2B Metaversrepresents the evolution of the Internet and social networks towards a new generation of tools allowing to build a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Thanks to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, it has become possible to create new innovative, highly interactive and immersive customer experiences. A … Read more

IT companies cut more than 150,000 jobs in 2022 Computerworld

IT companies cut more than 150000 jobs in 2022 Computerworld

In fear of a global recession in 2023, in 2022 large-scale workforce reduction plans followed one another in companies in the technology sector. According to the platform, 153,160 IT employees were made redundant last year, a figure 10 times higher than in 2021. While the pandemic had initially benefited the digital sector, the uncertainties … Read more

VIDEO. Can the World Electronics Show in Las Vegas boost Breton companies?

Facture electronique ce qui change pour la grande distribution

CES, the global consumer electronics show, runs until January 8 in Las Vegas. As every year, Breton companies take part in this major high-tech event. Can it boost their development? Some answers with the Rennes start-up Jabi, who passed through Las Vegas last year. This is the annual meeting of consumer electronics in Las Vegas. … Read more

In China companies can “hire” a virtual employee

In China companies can hire a virtual employee

In China, for $14,000 a year, companies can “hire” a virtual employee. In 1968 came out 2001, a space odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. We discovered HAL 9000, a killer supercomputer, equipped with a artificial intelligence. If this “sixth member” of the crew of the DiscoveryOne then seemed like the most unbridled science fiction, working with … Read more

Jean-Michel Henrard, co-founder of Dust Mobile: “Mobile phones have in many cases become the Achilles heels of companies and States” – Forbes France

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Founded in 2017, Dust Mobile has developed “SIM Cybercell”: a communications and SIM card protection solution for governments and businesses. Last November, the company managed to complete a funding round of 12 million with Tikehau, Omnes and the defense innovation fund, subscribed by the Ministry of the Armed Forces and managed by Bpifrance. Jean Michel … Read more

Metavers, companies think about it, but hesitate for fear of cyber attacks and economic uncertainties – IT SOCIAL

Metavers companies think about it but hesitate for fear of

Between the fear of missing the boat and the little inner voice that sees only a buzz for asocial geeks in search of thrills, the Metavers intrigues as much as it attracts. However, even for the skeptics, curiosity for this new frontier, beyond which everything remains to be invented, ends up prevailing and one ends … Read more

“There is a lot of digital washing in companies”

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

Posted Dec 16 2022 at 7:10 am Isn’t the digital revolution in the economy running out of steam? On the contrary, this revolution is accelerating. From agriculture to the supply of drinking water, via pharmaceutical research or paper production, the fields of application are endless. Not with a single technology, but by deploying a range … Read more

Electronic invoicing between companies: how to prepare?

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From 2024, the finance law is accelerating the generalization of electronic invoices for companies subject to VAT in order to simplify their administrative burden. An obligation that you can prepare for with the right tools now. Electronic invoicing: instructions for use Deployed to fight against tax evasion, the electronic invoice also makes it possible to … Read more

Nuclia comes to modernize research in companies Computerworld

Nuclia comes to modernize research in companies Computerworld

Specializing in research, Nuclia has developed a platform that uses AI resources to analyze large sets of unstructured data. Founded in 2019 in Barcelona by Eudald Camprubi and Ramon Navarro, the start-up Nuclia benefited from the experience of its two founders in the United States. “We had technology that we didn’t know how to sell, … Read more