AI, blockchain, cloud: massively embedded leaders

The deployment of software solutions? 63% of leaders say they are aware of the subject (10% at an advanced stage, 53% in progress). The use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and next-generation cloud? 76% are already on track (29% at a level considered mature, 47% at the mid-point of implementation). Based on the … Read more

The Chess Federation relies on AI and the cloud for international competitions

The Chess Federation relies on AI and the cloud for

French champions can now count on a super AI in cloud mode. A technology that allows them to prepare their opening tactics a few hours before the matches, as soon as the opponents are known. In 1997, the world chess champion, the Russian Garry Kasparov, was beaten by a machine: Deep Blue. A first. With … Read more

Cloud gaming and App Store: Apple accused of anti-competitive practices

Cloud gaming and App Store Apple accused of anti competitive practices

The ban on cloud gaming services on the App Store and the requirement to use WebKit have been deemed anti-competitive by the UK competition watchdog. Source: FRANDROID For several years, Apple has been in the sights of several public authorities ensuring good competition. This week, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) publishes an investigation … Read more

Xbox cloud gaming comes to Samsung TVs

Microsoft has never hidden its ambitions to develop its service of cloud gaming beyond the boundaries of consoles and smartphones. The manufacturer offers us concrete proof of this commitment. As the company fine-tunes preparations for its big Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase conference (Sunday, June 12 at 7 p.m.), a long blog post details Microsoft’s … Read more

Edge computing saves the cloud –

Edge computing saves the cloud LeBigDatafr

Edge edge computing comes to the rescue of the cloud. The latter which, with the immense amount of data, risks drowning in its own success. Aid is directed particularly to regions such as Africa. These are the most vulnerable to the three main weaknesses of the cloud. They are: bandwidth limits, excessive latency and network … Read more

Microsoft Azure training: training in Data Engineering on the Microsoft cloud

Interested in becoming a Cloud Data Engineer on Microsoft Azure? Find out everything you need to know in this guide. What is a Cloud Data Engineer? A cloud data engineer combines software engineering and data science skills to design scalable big data infrastructures. They transform and prepare the data for the intended purpose. For example, … Read more

Cloud Platforms For Internet Of Things Market Scope Analysis (2022-2030). -Gabonflash

Creating a good market analysis is a very useful exercise. This will help you discover your blind spots and prepare you to compete with other businesses. The competitive environment you face is increasingly demanding. It’s safe to assume that your competitors are conducting research to gain their own advantage. This is perhaps the best reason … Read more

The Cloud Is Now The Best Way To Play Fortnite On Android (and iPhone)

The Cloud Is Now The Best Way To Play Fortnite

Thanks to Nvidia and Microsoft, Fortnite mobile fans now have alternatives to a native client. Fortnite was pulled from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in a spat over who cut off all those V Bucks sales. On Android, because it’s not the walled garden you get from Apple, you can still play … Read more

Tableau Cloud integrates Data Stories to explain data clearly Computerworld

Tableau Cloud integrates Data Stories to explain data clearly Computerworld

Extending and facilitating access to data analysis is one of the focuses of Tableau, which organized its annual conference in Las Vegas this week. To present the analyzed data in natural language, the editor integrates Data Stories into its SaaS offer, renamed Tableau Cloud. It also adds the ability to create native predictive models, without … Read more

Hybrid IT: succeeding in your cloud and datacenter mix

If the infrastructure of corporate data centers has evolved little over the past 10 or 20 years, the same is not true of uses. The cloud services came to shake up expectations: ease of provisioning and management of resources and pay-as-you-go are now the order of the day. With the right tools, data centers … Read more