Attack on the Kremenchuk shopping center in Ukraine: the claims of the pro-Russians scrutinized

Since the attack by the Russian army on a shopping center on June 27, in Kremenchuk, in central Ukraine, false information has been circulating on social networks. Moscow says it was not the mall that was targeted, but rather a nearby ammunition stockpile. The center would simply have caught fire. Also according to Russia, the … Read more

Hermit spyware claims victims from the App Store Computerworld

Used by the government of Kazakhstan, the Hermit spyware developed by the Italian RCS Labs attacks both Android and iOS terminals. Users should be even more wary, as fake account management applications carrying spyware have been identified on the App Store. As old as the world, spyware is still – unfortunately – on the rise. … Read more

Jubillar case: a German clairvoyance star claims to have geolocated the precise location of Delphine’s body

Jubillar case a German clairvoyance star claims to have geolocated

the essential Michael Schneider, a graduate in political science, is a figure of clairvoyance in Germany. He interferes in every high-profile criminal case with mixed results. He claims to have solved 17 disappearance cases. How do you work, since when, by which techniques or supports and where do you situate the body of Delphine Jubillar? … Read more