Can AI make cities more sustainable?

shin koseki Credit: Amélie Philibert | Montreal university A White Book collaborative on the possibilities and risks of artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of sustainable urban development has just been published by Mila, the Quebec Institute of Artificial Intelligence, and UN-Habitat, the United Nations program in charge promote sustainable urbanization. This work aims to … Read more

Zenith, After The Fall, Cities VR, Jurassic World… annoncés sur PSVR 2

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Le PlayStation VR 2 a pas mal occupé l’actualité ces derniers jours et vous pouvez retrouver d’ailleurs via ce lien l’ensemble de l’actualité PlayStation VR 2. Nous terminons aujourd’hui la couverture de ces dernières annonces avec l’annonce du portage de plusieurs jeux VR déjà existants sur Meta Quest 2 et qui arriverons donc également sur … Read more

Several governments are considering offering metaverse cities

Several governments are considering offering metaverse cities

The governments of the United Arab Emirates, South Korea are among the first wave of national governments investing in state-sponsored metaverse platforms. The metaverse was one of the main topics of discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2022 in June. Experts have predicted that the metaverse would be useful in a variety of fields, … Read more

Focus on the UN-Habitat / Mila report: “AI & Cities: Risks, Applications and Governance”

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UN-Habitat, the United Nations program responsible for promoting sustainable urbanization in more than 90 countries, has published its report “AI & Cities: Risks, Applications and Governance”. Resulting from a collaboration with Mila, Quebec AI Institute, this document presents observations and recommendations on how AI systems could be exploited to support the development of socially sustainable … Read more

Internet cities: the main axes of the 2022 motion of elected officials to digital

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Published on October 12, 2022by Virginie Fauvel / Localtis Digital infrastructures, THD, Digital Gathered for their fourth national congress on October 6, 2022, digital elected officials sent Elisabeth Borne the result of their work on Monday, October 10, in the form of a motion. Behind four strong axes – equal access to digital, better governance … Read more

Neurocop: artificial intelligence to better secure cities | The Gazette Nord-Pas de Calais

The creation of theLille company Neuronalys comes from an observation on the ground: DSI (director of information services) of the City of Loos for seven years, Romain Jacquet directly had to deal with the poor use of images from video surveillance cameras placed in the city. “When building the video protection system in Loos, I … Read more

Internet access disrupted in several cities in France, here’s why

Internet access disrupted in several cities in France heres why

By Johann Foucault Published on 27 Apr 22 at 14:49 updated on 27 Apr 22 at 18:38 News See my news Follow this media Acts of vandalism have affected the French fiber optic network. (©Pixabay Illustration) Update for Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 6:30 p.m. Following these malicious acts, a preliminary investigation of the heads of … Read more

Internet cut in several cities following malicious acts on optical fibers

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Published on April 27, 2022by Lucas Boncourt for Localtis Digital infrastructures, THD, Security On the night of April 26 to 27, 2022, internet connection interruptions linked to cable breaks were observed almost everywhere in France. Occurring almost simultaneously, these cuts are challenging. Optical fiber breaks occur regularly. Often linked to unfortunate blows from diggers, they … Read more

In cities, vegetation and colors bring more well-being, even in virtual reality

Crowded streets, ubiquitous noise and gray buildings can lead to stress and fatigue. In short, many people feel that the urban environment is not ideal for their emotional well-being. An antidote to such problems may lie in nature and more specifically greenery, thanks to its calming and restorative effects. But is it possible to combine … Read more

AI4Cities uses AI to accelerate the carbon neutrality of cities

AI4Cities uses AI to accelerate the carbon neutrality of cities

Technology June 17, 2022 Kaisa Sibielius, coordinator of the AI4Cities project at Forum Virium Helsinki, was at VivaTech to present the seven finalists. During the VivaTech 2022 show, the metropolis of Greater Paris organized a presentation of the European AI4Cities project, in which it is participating. As part of this, seven solutions have been selected … Read more