Comment choisir sa cigarette électronique ?

Comment choisir sa cigarette electronique 

Mais la vapoteuse est-elle vraiment moins nocive que la cigarette classique ? Pour une grande majorité des professionnels de la santé, il n’y a pas de comparaison entre la dangerosité de la cigarette et celle de la cigarette électronique. En effet, ils affirment que l’e-cigarette ne contient pas les composés cancérigènes du tabac. L’OMS tient … Read more

Electronic cigarette: how to choose your e-liquid?

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However, it is just as important as the choice of its electronic cigarette. Above all, you have to choose according to your consumption habits as a former smoker and your tastes. Here’s what you need to know about e-liquids to make the right choice. The basic composition of its e-liquid The majority of e-liquids are … Read more

Cigarette Puff: what is it? hazards? nicotine or not?

The Puff? This is the latest “gadget” in fashion among college and high school students. This disposable electronic cigarette comes straight from the United States. Sweet flavors that evoke childhood, colorful packaging, all ready to use: that’s all it takes to seduce young consumers. But despite appearances, this device does present health risks. What is … Read more

The risks of the puff, the new disposable electronic cigarette

The risks of the puff the new disposable electronic cigarette

The puff is the latest fashionable disposable electronic cigarette among young people. Increasingly present in front of high schools or colleges, health authorities are concerned about its effects on health and the environment. Thus, they recall that the law prohibits the sale of vaping products to minors, their promotion and that the nicotine level of … Read more

Electronic cigarette: why thirty countries like Mexico prohibit its sale

Before to go on a trip, if you are a vaper, you will now have to check the legislation in force in your country of destination. This Tuesday, Mexico has just consolidated its place in the 32 countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes. The equivalent of … Read more