Pico 4: the new Chinese virtual reality headset

Pico 4 the new Chinese virtual reality headset

Surprise on the side of virtual reality! Pico unveils its new helmet, the Pico 4, intended to compete with the Meta Quest 2. Compact and mobile, it stands out in relation to performance/price which makes it a serious opponent. Summary The market for virtual reality (RV for Virtual Reality in English) and augmented reality (AR … Read more

An artificial intelligence has been named CEO of a Chinese company

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A Chinese company has just appointed an artificial intelligence as CEO. Thanks to this virtual robot, the firm seeks to improve the management of its operations. Net Dragon Websoft, a Chinese company specializing in multiplayer online games, has just made an astonishing decision. The firm has appointed an artificial intelligence, called Tang Yu, leading the … Read more

In the event of an accident, this Chinese electric car is safer than the Mégane E-Tech and the BMW i4

1662797089 In the event of an accident this Chinese electric car

It has not yet arrived in Europe and it is already making waves: it is the friendly Ora Funky Cat from the Chinese group Great Wall Motor which has just obtained 5 stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests. At the question, “Why aren’t more Chinese cars sold in Europe”, the answer was clear: they … Read more

The six Chinese electric cars that will shake up the French market

The six Chinese electric cars that will shake up the

Technologically competitive, cheaper, truly ambitious… Chinese electric cars are coming. Chinese manufacturers have been worrying the industry for years, they are suddenly here. We have selected six cars that will mark the French market. XPeng P7 Wing Chinese automakers have long planned to invade the European market. It is now done, you will see more … Read more

Chinese researchers claim to have developed an AI capable of “reading minds”

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⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Would it be possible to monitor the thoughts of individuals? This is, in essence, what Chinese scientists have said. They explain in a report published on July 1 that they have developed a artificial intelligence capable of detecting certain “thoughts”. In particular, they underlined … Read more

Vontobel AM – Asian Tech: Chinese Internet stocks at the highest…

In 2021, while American internet stocks had reached highs, Asian stocks had been dragged lower mainly by the fall in Chinese internet stocks, and had therefore massively underperformed their counterparts. Americans. In Asia, the Internet sector admittedly suffered a further setback at the start of 2022, but the gap with the United States has nevertheless … Read more

Limitless surveillance: how the Chinese authorities want to predict the behavior of citizens with artificial intelligence

A long and frightening investigation by the New York Times reveals the extent of the means implemented by the Chinese police to try to guess behavior considered to be at risk. Where will the surveillance of Chinese citizens end? In a fascinating article published this weekend, the New York Times lifts the veil on a … Read more

Internet: Chinese media influence search engine results

Published on : 02/06/2022 – 18:27 The Internet is as often the target of a veritable information war. We talked a lot about it with Russia and the war in Ukraine. Russia receives in this fight the support of an ally, China… A survey by the American think tank Brookings teaches us how the Chinese … Read more

Internet: Baidu, the revenge of the Chinese Google

Internet Baidu the revenge of the Chinese Google

Headquarters of the Baidu company, in Beijing, in April 2021. FLORENCE LO/REUTERS Chronic. Does the little Thumb of Chinese high-tech get his revenge? Alongside the giant Alibaba – which reigns over online commerce –, Tencent, and its messaging and gaming empire, or Xiaomi, the telephone titan, Baidu pales in comparison. Presented as the Chinese Google, … Read more