Before connected anal beads, the great history of cheating in chess

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

It’s one of the back-to-school scandals: the world of chess has been shaken by a case of cheating not stung by cockchafers. A player named Hans Niemann was indeed accused by world champion Magnus Carlsen, whom he had just beaten to the great surprise of observers, of having benefited from outside help – and an … Read more

Meta gets sued after ‘cheating’ iOS to follow us anyway

Meta gets sued after cheating iOS to follow us anyway

Despite tracking restrictions rolled out last year by Apple, Meta has found a way to still track its users on Facebook and Instagram’s iOS apps. A fraud practice which is now worth a class action to the firm of Mark Zuckerberg. Meta is accused of having organized a follow-up of iOS users despite the restrictions … Read more

A student accused of cheating on an exam by an artificial intelligence

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on The New York Times The case took place in Florida. A 17-year-old student in a distance learning biology course at Broward College received a warning for cheating. The reason? The Honorlock start-up would have surprised her, thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI)acting suspiciously during an exam in February. … Read more