The Metavers: a new channel for customer relations… and probably much more – EconomieMatin

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

The Metaverse is a 3D virtual universe that would represent the future of the Internet. The thing is, it’s been shaking up the high-tech planet lately. Some firms are talking about revenues amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars by 2030. Its impact on customer relations is emerging, even if a number of uses have … Read more

Carcassonne: every morning, he hosts a channel dedicated to video games on the internet

Suffering from a serious disease impacting his joints, Stéphane Linéros came out of his isolation by becoming Grandpa Stream: in one year, he gathered around him a faithful and benevolent community following live the game sessions of Carcassonnais… which don’t hesitate to talk about his disability either. He was a cook, delivery man, graphic designer… … Read more