The best offers to change your mobile plan during the summer sales

The best offers to change your mobile plan during the

Are you the type to wait for promotional periods to save money? And why not think about your mobile plan? Here is a selection of the best 4G and 5G packages of the moment during the summer sales. The mobile plans without commitment are also in the spotlight during the summer sales. There are the … Read more

Comment IOS 16 And Android 13 Could Change The Future Of Smartphones

Comment IOS 16 And Android 13 Could Change The Future

This story is part WWDC 2022CNET’s full coverage from and about Apple’s annual developer conference. Advertising What is happening iOS 16 and Android 13 both come with new features that help replace your physical wallet and improve connections with smart home gadgets and connected car interfaces. Advertising why is it important The updates underline the … Read more

CoD Mobile Season 6 Could Change Everything: Release Date, Favela Map, Weapons and More

CoD Mobile Season 6 Could Change Everything Release Date Favela

Season 6 of CoD Mobile is next for the popular portable title. Plus we get a glimpse of what’s on the horizon. From release date to possible cards, here’s everything you need to know. After CoD Mobile’s Season 5 Tropical Vision patch, the developers are already gearing up for the game’s next major patch. With … Read more

Telegram CEO’s turn to ask Apple to change certain rules (App Store)

iPhone Apps iPad Apps ⏰ 2 hours ago Alexandre Godard React The CEO of Telegram seems upset with Apple’s practices. According to him, certain requirements with regard to other web browsers than Safari, present on iOS, are disproportionate. More clearly, they aim to weaken competition. Here are some explanations. Apple doesn’t just make people happy … Read more

Why tackling invasive species is one of the best ways to prepare for climate change

New research, recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, finds that the ecological effect of invasive species alone is comparable to the combined effects of invasive species plus warming temperatures, drought, or nitrogen deposition. This suggests that a key preparation for climate change … Read more

Technology and climate change: an alliance of reason

Technology can help companies significantly reduce their carbon footprint. The latest IPCC report once again sounds the alarm. It is imperative to change our habits very quickly if we want to conserve the planet. But if, on a personal level, it is easy to turn off the light, lower the temperature or close a tap, … Read more

India heat wave: how ‘attribution science’ links climate change

Was the 2003 heat wave caused by global warming? And the storms of 2018 in France? What about the 2019 heat wave? “For many years, I replied that we should not make the link between a one-off extreme event and global warming”, admits Robert Vautard, research director at the CNRS and director of the Pierre-Simon … Read more

Apple imagines shells that change the interface of the iPhone for photography, music, video games…

Apple imagines shells that change the interface of the iPhone

Apple has filed a patent application relating to iPhone cases and docking stations; the brand would like to change the operation and the user interface of the iPhone according to usage. The iPhone 13 Pro // Source: Unsplash Howard Bouchevereau Apple regularly files patent applications for its innovations, such as those recently attesting that the … Read more