Mobile plans with telephone: operators finally spared – Challenges

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

“It has turned a little into the discussion of a carpet merchant”, recognizes the senator of Republicans Patrick Chaize. The amendment of purchasing power lawvoted on August 3, which provided for a reduction in the termination costs of bundled telephone packages – these offers combining the acquisition of a telephone and subscription – will have … Read more

On the Internet, the simplest stories make great successes – Challenges

The electronic label a must have in the face of the

After ten years of good and loyal service, Julien Codorniou has finally bowed out. A professional decade devoted to fueling the phenomenal growth of Facebook, in particular its Workplace division, whose number of users, under his leadership, increased from zero to 10 million in the space of four years. And a career entirely focused on … Read more

How to better manage your money with a mobile bank? – Challenges

Traditional banks, online banks, neobanks…. It is sometimes difficult to find your way around. However, at a time when each of us tends to be more and more careful about our expenses, it is important to know the differences to make the best choice. A mobile bank has the characteristic of offering a dematerialized offer. … Read more

Darktrace: The world’s first autonomous cyber defense platform – Challenges

Can you introduce Darktrace? Darktrace is a company created in 2013 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, by mathematicians and intelligence agents from the British MI-6 in particular. Its founders have developed a software solution that helps secure organizations against cyber threats using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. What risks are companies exposed to? In a world … Read more

Plagiarism, a new trend among influencers? – Challenges

By opening his Twitter account, a series of comments challenge Adam Bensoussan. Fans of this young YouTuber, better known by the nickname Adam Bros, have just spotted one of his videos taken over, almost word for word, on another platform. The manager? An online media, known to follow the news of influencers. Section plan, explanatory … Read more

Facial recognition is installed, to simplify and monitor – Challenges

Facial recognition is installed to simplify and monitor Challenges

Smile, you pay. MasterCard announced last week that it had entered the test phase for its new “Smile and Pay” product, which makes it possible to pay using facial recognition. Around the world, facial recognition is gaining ground. Fascinating but intrusive technology, its use is advancing faster than the legislation that accompanies it. Whether it … Read more

Cyberattacks: companies in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region facing IT security challenges – LE [Lyon-Entreprises]

Cyberattacks companies in the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region facing IT security

In recent years, cybercrime has experienced unprecedented growth. With the evolution of mores and modes of consumption and communication, illegal practices are also changing. So, with the modernization of society also comes the modernization of fraud and threats. Cyberattacks on databases and sensitive company information are therefore increasing exponentially. There is indeed a drastic increase … Read more

Telemedicine: what role can Artificial Intelligence play? – Challenges

The French government launched its telemedicine program in 2009. Five telemedicine acts are listed and organized in the Public Health Code: teleconsultation, teleexpertise, medical telemonitoring, medical teleassistance and medical response. L’Assurance Maladie has reimbursed teleconsultation acts since September 2018 – and tele-expertise acts since February 2019. But, until 2020, the adoption of telemedicine has remained … Read more

Artificial intelligence enters the literature – Challenges

Strange this notion of the mathematics of narration… It evolves rather naturally in the Anglo-Saxon world, but it finds strong opposition in Latin countries. What is a story? How is it built? Answering these questions, in France, can only be done through a mystical and creative vision of narration. No question of letting the calculations … Read more

Silicon Valley and its Frenchies are reconfiguring – Challenges

It is one of the highlights of the Silicon Valley. Every year, in the spring, the French community gathers for the gala dinner of the French-American Business Awards (Faba), during which the most prominent French entrepreneurs are honored. “This year, the choice of winners was particularly difficult, notes Anne-Emmanuelle de Boysson, executive director of the … Read more