The Internet of Things, a daunting challenge in dispute

My Camille Aubin, Catherine Thall Dubé, Elodie Dion and Bob Sotiriadis. Source: Robic website A tough patent dispute has been settled by the Federal Court between Sonos and Google. Sonos and Google were in dispute over the intellectual property that supports the operation of speakers with the ability to do voice recognition, … Read more

AI, Gafam’s weapon in the face of the climate challenge of data centers

AI Gafams weapon in the face of the climate challenge

Artificial intelligence is used by Google, Meta and Microsoft to optimize server energy and water consumption. It also makes it possible to design low-carbon hydrocarbon catalysts for generators. Data centers absorbed 1% of the total energy produced across the planet in 2020. A level, which with the exponential increase in stored data, could reach a … Read more

Campus in the metaverse: a Hong Kong university dares the challenge

Campus in the metaverse a Hong Kong university dares the

A new modern Metaverse campus, known as MetaHKUST has just been launched and promises to provide a co-educational virtual reality classroom to all enrolled students worldwide. The University of hong kong is ready to welcome the launch of the new campus in Guangzhou. Let’s see how the blending of VR and metaverse features can deliver … Read more

Voice recognition and the world language challenge

Voice recognition and the world language challenge

A voice-recognition startup just secured $62 million in Series B funding. How will that money be used? In a quest to make a computer understand all the voices in the world. If that doesn’t sound hugely ambitious, you haven’t spent enough time trying to get Siri to compose a text message. Speech recognition has been … Read more

Accessibility on social networks, a real challenge

The platforms have developed various tools to be usable by everyone, including the blind, visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing. It is clear that they still have a long way to go in this area. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat… social networks have billions of users, but the use of these platforms is not … Read more