CES 2023: LG CEO Promises Growth Across Diverse Business Portfolio | Yonhap News Agency

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SEOUL/LAS VEGAS, 04 Jan. (Yonhap) — LG Electronics Inc. will continue to diversify its business portfolio beyond home appliances and look for new avenues to lead growth, CEO Cho Joo-wan said Wednesday. “By continuing to invest in key technologies like artificial intelligence and 6G, LG is expanding its business into electric car charging, digital health … Read more

Ecrire des programmes la main sera dpass l’avenir , selon le CEO de la startup IA Fixie.ai, qui voit les programmeurs humains cder la place des intelligences artificielles adaptatives

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L’intelligence artificielle menace-t-elle les postes de développeurs informatiques humains dans les années à venir ? Le chatbot ChatGPT d’OpenAI a par exemple réussi l’édition 2022 de l’examen d’informatique pour élèves du secondaire désireux d’obtenir des crédits universitaires US. C’est un accomplissement parmi d’autres à mettre sur le compte de l’intelligence artificielle qui ravive le débat … Read more

“E-commerce is more ecologically virtuous than traditional commerce” according to the CEO of Amazon.fr

E commerce is more ecologically virtuous than traditional commerce according to

It is more ecological to be delivered by an e-commerce site than to go and buy and pick up your own products on the outskirts of cities with your own vehicle. This is what Frédéric Duval, general manager of Amazon.fr, the e-commerce site of Amazon in France, defends. He spoke on November 28 at the … Read more

GitHub: “Artificial intelligence will allow us to become a pillar of Microsoft” (Thomas Dohmke, CEO)

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” Hello, I’m Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub but above all software developer. This is how Thomas Dohmke invariably introduces himself, The gallery was able to meet in Paris. It is partly for this attachment to the qualification of developer that this forties native of East Germany was appointed to his position of leader at … Read more

“Estimia is one of the most reliable and accurate estimation engines on the market today”, Claude-Olivier Bonnet, CEO of DIGIPI – Journal de l’Agence

Estimia is one of the most reliable and accurate estimation

Always looking for new innovative solutions to bring to real estate professionals, DIGIPI, the digital real estate ecosystem, has just launched a new estimator called Estimia. Its concept? A real estate project evaluator which allows you to analyze the budget and the average annual cost of use of a property. Update on the advantages of … Read more

Artificial intelligence: Ms. Tang Yu becomes CEO of a company

Artificial intelligence Ms Tang Yu becomes CEO of a company

Although artificial intelligences sometimes cause some fears, a Chinese company has decided to surpass them by going so far as to appoint an AI as CEO. the August 26 last, an improbable event occurred within a Chinese company named NetDragon Websoft. A virtual humanoid robotbaptized Mrs. Tang Yu, has assumed the position of CEO. Indeed, … Read more

Liva Health Appoints New CEO to Boost Global Growth

Liva Health Appoints New CEO to Boost Global Growth

COPENHAGEN, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Liva Health, one of Europe’s leading evidence-based digital health coaching providers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Shahram Sharif as the new CEO of the band. Mr. Sharif will focus on Liva Health’s aspiration to grow its digital services to address chronic disease through digital tools that deliver meaningful clinical results, at … Read more

In 2050, will your CEO be an artificial intelligence robot?

In 2050 will your CEO be an artificial intelligence robot

Today is October 5, 2050. Like anyone living their first day in their new company, The Corp, Fabien Miran is a little stressed. Beyond the classic apprehension of knowing if he will get along well with his colleagues and perform well in his new job, another point worries him: the CEO of its new box … Read more

An artificial intelligence has been named CEO of a Chinese company

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A Chinese company has just appointed an artificial intelligence as CEO. Thanks to this virtual robot, the firm seeks to improve the management of its operations. Net Dragon Websoft, a Chinese company specializing in multiplayer online games, has just made an astonishing decision. The firm has appointed an artificial intelligence, called Tang Yu, leading the … Read more