Lannion – 28 km of copper internet cables stolen in Brittany: “They are smart and go very fast”

Lannion 28 km of copper internet cables stolen in

1 A growing scourge The kilo of copper is currently selling at €9 on the materials market. What arouse the covetousness of thieves who, by stealing 300 m of cable (nearly 500 kg of copper), can hope to receive €4,500! Since January 2022, the Orange operator has seen 28 km of cables disappear on its … Read more

Submarine cables, how France protects itself from “great sabotage”

Submarine cables how France protects itself from great sabotage

The explosions that occurred on September 26 in the waters of the Baltic Sea on the two Nord Stream gas pipelines served as a warning: European underwater infrastructures are tempting targets because they are vulnerable to espionage, piracy and sabotage. The seabed, a place of transit for oil, gas, electricity and telecommunications, thus become one … Read more

What if Russia, after Nord Stream, attacks undersea internet cables?

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

Stupor Tuesday September 27: the Danish authorities reported that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, in the Baltic Sea, had been, one after the other, victims of major damage. They were intentionally caused explosions rather than a very unfortunate malfunction, one of them resulting in a tremor measured at 2.3 on the Richter … Read more

Who wants Internet cables near Marseille?

Who wants Internet cables near Marseille

Cables were cut in Aix-en-Provence, near one of the world’s most important hubs. An “act of sabotage” that disrupted part of the planet. From our correspondent in Marseille, Francois Tonneau Internet cables, presumably sabotaged near Marseille, have produced major disruptions to the global Internet this week. (Illustrative photo) © JOEL SAGET / AFP Published on … Read more

Menaces d’attaques sur les câbles sous-marins : la France va investir pour se protéger

Menaces dattaques sur les cables sous marins la France va

l’essentiel Emmanuel Macron a demandé le renforcement de la sécurité des câbles sous-marins de télécommunication après les sabotages des gazoducs NordStream 1 et 2. Les explosions qui ont endommagé les gazoducs Nord Stream 1 et 2 les 26 et 27 septembre 2022 en mer Baltique sans que pour l’heure on ne connaisse l’identité des saboteurs … Read more

Faced with the Russian threat, the submarine cables are looking for their shield – Teller Report

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

Red alert on submarine cables. Since the probable sabotage of Russian Baltic Sea gas pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2the fear of an XXL attack on these essential pipes to benefit from the Internet and mobile telephony is rising a notch every day. While according to European 1Emmanuel Macron ordered an inspection at … Read more

99% du réseau internet passe par les câbles sous-marins : sommes nous prêts à une coupure?

11h27 , le 22 octobre 2021 , modifié à 11h55 , le 22 octobre 2021 Oubliez les constellations de satellites, les centaines de lancements de SpaceX et les notions de “cloud” ou de sans-fil : tout cela tend à nous faire croire que nos smartphones, ordinateurs et autres machines sont liés les uns aux autres … Read more

In the event of a cut in submarine cables, internet connections would be made by satellite – Polynésie la 1ère

In the event of a cut in submarine cables internet

1.3 million kilometres. Here is the cumulative distance of the 450 French submarine cables that connect the different continents, and for which the Head of State ordered an inspection after the attack on the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. Information revealed by Europe 1. Among these pipes, 1,200 kilometers are in Polynesia. … Read more

In the Aisne, the fight is organized against malicious acts targeting Internet cables and mobile antennas | Picardy the Gazette

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

Who hasn’t experienced an untimely Internet network shutdown while working or teleworking and who hasn’t been impacted by a mobile network outage? Often, these cuts are caused by malicious acts or by the tearing of cables to recover the copper and resell it. To prevent these thefts, but also to arrest the perpetrators and punish … Read more

Can Russia deprive Europe of the Internet by sabotaging submarine cables?

Can Russia deprive Europe of the Internet by sabotaging submarine

A return to the Stone Age? Among the different threats that Russia is raising towards the West, that of a cut in the submarine cables, which connect the world’s communications, deserves to be examined. An option that could be considered in the context of the escalation of tensions after theinvasion of Ukraine by Russia. On … Read more