The Benefits of AI-Based Training Simulations for Business – Comptanoo

The Benefits of AI Based Training Simulations for Business Comptanoo

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a set of theories and techniques implemented to create machines capable of simulating human intelligence. It appeared in the 1950s and is now present in almost all electronic devices that are useful in everyday life. AI is now at the heart of all industries and is reshaping lifestyles. For this, … Read more

The five upcoming revolutions in business travel

The five upcoming revolutions in business travel

Posted Jan 14, 2023, 11:01 AM Since the unexpected resumption of international transport , travelers who have gone through the health crisis hope to have a smooth travel experience. This applies to tourism, but also to business travel – a sector that is rapidly changing to respond to the new situation, as shown by Amadeus’ … Read more

Cybersecurity Business School : une école qui veut démocratiser la cybersécurité

Mental health the 10 innovations that will revolutionize 2023

Interview de Patrice Chelim, directeur et co-fondateur de l’école la CSB.School, qui vient d’annoncer sa 1ère levée de fonds pour un montant de 4 millions d’euros. Comment vous est venue l’idée de créer CSB.School ? La genèse de CSB.School est issue des activités que mes associés et moi-même avons pu conduire dans notre passé professionnel. Avant de lancer cette idée … Read more

CES 2023: LG CEO Promises Growth Across Diverse Business Portfolio | Yonhap News Agency

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SEOUL/LAS VEGAS, 04 Jan. (Yonhap) — LG Electronics Inc. will continue to diversify its business portfolio beyond home appliances and look for new avenues to lead growth, CEO Cho Joo-wan said Wednesday. “By continuing to invest in key technologies like artificial intelligence and 6G, LG is expanding its business into electric car charging, digital health … Read more

Artificial intelligence to the rescue of post-Covid business restoration – Reforme

Artificial intelligence to the rescue of post Covid business restoration

Since the generalization of post-Covid teleworking, it has enabled companies to better anticipate flows that have become erratic. “At 10 a.m., if 800 people have passed their badges at the entrance to the building, the chef is notified, which allows him to adapt: ​​he puts one more dish in preparation if necessary,” Olga told AFP. … Read more

Mobile payment: Finalization of a pilot project to boost business

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IThe Report on the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (SNFI), rich in financial information, shows that Bank Al Maghrib is interested in mobile payment. As proof, the Central Bank ensured the operationalization of the various committees and governance bodies of the national project on Mobile Payment. Technical and functional changes were implemented by the mobile switch. … Read more

Corporate metavers: Meta wants to boost business in 2023

Corporate metavers Meta wants to boost business in 2023

By Philippe Guerrier | the Thursday, December 29, 2022 | Digital learning Backed by a study on the theme of the future of work, Meta (ex-Facebook) is pushing for the use of virtual reality technologies in business, including in the HR department. It remains to be convinced of their relevance on a large scale. Meta … Read more

The rise of the IoT in business: Internet of connected objects – La Revue Tech

The rise of the IoT in business Internet of connected

The number of connected objects in our daily lives has grown exponentially in recent years. The business world is also benefiting from this technological revolution, now called “IoT” (Internet of Things). More and more organizations are using connected machines and equipment for their production process and internal functioning. Is investing in such an approach really … Read more

Hertz recreates CMO position amid business transformation

Hertz recreates CMO position amid business transformation

Hertz, the car rental giant, has just appointed a marketing director for the first time since 2020. It has chosen Wayne Davis, a former marketing director for GE Appliances, a home appliance manufacturer. The new marketing director is not in charge of customer experience The new marketing director will take office on January 3, 2023. … Read more