NVIDIA and Microsoft are teaming up to build an AI supercomputer

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NVIDIA announced this Wednesday, November 16, a multi-year collaboration with Microsoft to build an AI supercomputer that is expected to be among the most powerful in the world, powered by Microsoft Azure’s advanced supercomputing infrastructure combined with NVIDIA GPUs, the solution network and full stack of AI software to help companies train, deploy and scale … Read more

The people who build AI are also the people who need it the most

The people who build AI are also the people who

There are many exciting use cases for artificial intelligence, from drug discovery to autonomous transportation. But the people reaping the most benefits from AI technologies to date are the technologists themselves – automating their operations and quality assurance, enabling faster application development, greater network optimization, and by eliminating manual tasks. This emerges from a recent … Read more

Europe’s telecom industry is pushing Big Tech to pay to build the internet – Reuters

Europes telecom industry is pushing Big Tech to pay to

Network cables are plugged in a server room. Michel Bocchieri | Getty Images In Europe, the battle between American Big Tech companies and telecommunications companies has reached a fever pitch. Telecoms groups are pushing European regulators to consider setting up a framework where companies that send traffic over their networks are charged fees to help … Read more

The EU plans to build an internet cable in the Arctic to connect Europe to Asia

The EU plans to build an internet cable in the

The European Commission is considering financing the construction of a fiber optic cable to link Europe to Asia via the Arctic and avoid existing bottlenecks, two European officials familiar with the matter told EURACTIV. on condition of anonymity. The consortium behind the project Far North Fiber is made up of Alaskan company Far North Digital … Read more

Rockwell Automation Partners with UK Royal Mint to Build Precious Metals Recovery Plant and Boost Circular Economy

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Rockwell Automation, Inc., a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation solutions, is working with the Royal Mint, the UK minting company, to design, build and commission a factory where safely recovered precious metals from electronic products. The Royal Mint announced at the beginning of the year its decision to build this new factory, … Read more

In Lyon, this partnership which wants to build a more “responsible” artificial intelligence (and free itself from GAFAM)

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

It is the result of a collaboration that began ten years ago between SPIE ICS, a subsidiary of the European specialist in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications, and Insa Lyon. “We had already a chair on the Internet of Things and we are now starting a new chair on artificial intelligence … Read more

Acast announces new integration with Meta to help podcasters build their communities

A world first: podcasters will now be able to create groups to interact with their subscribers, making the podcast a means of interpersonal communication. Acastthe world’s largest independent podcast platform, announces an integration with Meta to provide podcasters with new ways to grow their audience and engage with their subscribers. The two companies are working … Read more

Meta, Sony, Ikea… 40 giants unite to build the standards of the metaverse

If the future of the web is in the metaverse, it is an essential brick that has just been laid by forty large companies. From Meta to Nvidia via Microsoft and epic Sony, and even Adobe, Alibaba, Huawei and Ikea, all have just united within the Metaverse Standards Forum . He will have to enact … Read more

Researchers find that people overestimate the presence of minorities around them, hampering efforts to build a more equitable and inclusive society – Psychology and Psychiatry News

Attempts to build a more equitable and inclusive society have taken a step forward with the discovery of an “illusion of diversity” by a team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). Their results clearly show that in a social context, most people greatly overestimate the presence of a minority – and this … Read more