What if you bought a Zenbook OLED Intel Evo laptop without breaking your budget?

What if you bought a Zenbook OLED Intel Evo laptop

Darty gives you a little boost for the start of the school year with a payment solution in 20 installments free of charge on a selection of Asus products. The opportunity to crack, for example, on a pretty Zenbook OLED Intel Evo 13″, equipped with Windows 11. The start of the school year is generally … Read more

Fast And Secure VPN On A Budget? Private Internet Access VPN has you covered

Fast And Secure VPN On A Budget Private Internet Access

Back when the Internet consisted of a handful of computers networked together in a few research institutes, no one could have imagined that it would one day form the backbone of a new digital lifestyle. And that probably explains why none of the researchers who dreamed up its core technologies — things like packet switching … Read more

Security survives budget cuts Computerworld

Spending all the gold in the world to fund computer security projects and actions is not enough. It is also necessary to effectively train its teams to apply application patches. Good news: recession or not, security remains a somewhat unavoidable expense for CIOs, according to data from a latest survey from Morgan Stanley Research. However, … Read more

UMONS introduces 40 ERDF-ESF+ project portfolios for a budget of more than 280 million euros

The ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the ESF (European Social Fund Plus) aim to strengthen social and economic cohesion within the EU and, to this end, finance numerous projects. The University of Mons (UMONS) responded to their first call for projects for the 2021-2027 program concerning Wallonia and submitted with its various partners (universities, … Read more

Generate attention in advertising, without wasting your budget

Every year, $10 billion is wasted on digital video ads that are partially played on screen. Brands that invest in digital advertising are based on standards that they would never accept on other media. And that it is essential to rethink. By Olivier Marty, Sales Managing Director France, Ogury By using navigationally unfriendly formats and … Read more

Meta plans budget cuts in its virtual reality and metaverse division

Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s Chief Technology Officer, told Reality Labs staff that changes would be announced within a week. The American giant is preparing a small austerity cure… Meta reviews its financial copy for Reality Labs. Indeed, the Menlo Park firm is preparing budget cuts for its division dedicated to virtual reality and the metaverse, according … Read more