The future of the web could be bright, but there are things to settle first

The future of the web could be bright but there

From its humble beginnings, the internet has grown into an experience that is revolutionizing the way we interact, shop, learn and work. The Internet has become a digital space where anyone, anywhere in the world, can receive information on any subject. The World Wide Web is now a source of unlimited possibilities, showing us a … Read more

Groupe Douaud (44): Two brothers with a bright future

Groupe Douaud 44 Two brothers with a bright future

Philippe Chemin has just handed over the Douaud transport group to his sons, Pierre-Franck and Alexandre, 30-year-old twin brothers who are determined to continue the group’s growth. Meet. Since last March, Douaud has passed from father to son. Alexandre and Pierre-Franck Chemin took over the group that their father, Philippe Chemin, built by buying Douaud … Read more