Brewing: hops soon to be supported by artificial intelligence to combat drought

Photo: Ondřej Vaňura, ČRo The project called For Hops has the stated aim of helping farmers to optimize the irrigation of hops, used in the production of beer. Head to the hop fields of the Žatec region to learn more about it. If you were worried that global warming could alter the refreshing taste of … Read more

Apple CarPlay against Android Automotive, a titanic duel is brewing

Apple CarPlay against Android Automotive a titanic duel is brewing

Between Tesla, which designed its own OS, and Google, which is putting Android Automotive everywhere, Apple was doing the minimum in the automotive sector. CarPlay was just a copy of the iPhone with a revamped interface. In 2022, Apple is going much further. With the increasing size and number of screens inside cars, change was … Read more