Artificial intelligence diagnoses breast cancer, a world first

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“I was impressed with the results of the study, the very high levels of precision and the breadth of detection capabilities offered by Ibex’s AI technology, similar to those of expert pathologists”. It is in these terms that Stuart Schnitt – physician, chief of the department of oncological breast pathology at the DanaFarber/Brigham and Women’s … Read more

Breast cancer: Google artificial intelligence now used in mammograms

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The giant Google has just set up a partnership with a medical technology company to use its breast cancer detection algorithm. Thanks to this artificial intelligence, the two companies hope to make access to mammograms easier around the world. Dto detect breast cancer thanks to Google? It is now possible. On November 28, the American … Read more

Sticky Cell Fingers Help Contain Breast Tumors – Genetics News

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Researchers from the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University, Finland, have identified that finger-like cell extensions called filopodia help build a barrier surrounding breast tumors. In the early stage of breast cancer, malignant cells are trapped by a tissue barrier called the basement membrane which prevents them from spreading to other parts of the … Read more

Owkin wants to improve the management of breast and colorectal cancers through image analysis

Owkin wants to improve the management of breast and colorectal

The Owkin nugget announced on September 2 that it had received European CE-IVD certification (in vitro diagnostics) for two new solutions dedicated to the management of early breast and colorectal cancer. Already being tested in several French hospitals, they are based on an in-depth analysis of digital pathology images. The latter are obtained through the … Read more

Breast cancer: a new “major” treatment could be prescribed to half of women affected

This is a significant advance in breast cancer research which was presented on Sunday, June 5, at the Cancer Congress in Chicago (United States) and published in the process in the reference medical journal New England Journal of Medicine. A international study (in English) has shown that a treatment that worked until now in a … Read more