The best Internet BOX promos to switch to Fiber without breaking the bank

The best Internet BOX promos to switch to Fiber without

Go up a gear without breaking the bank thanks to current promotions from the main Internet providers Free, SFR, sosh and Bouygues Telecom. The Fiber Internet BOXes of these major brands are less than €16 per month. These offers are also valid in ADSL, if you do not have optical fiber. These four discounted internet … Read more

What if you bought a Zenbook OLED Intel Evo laptop without breaking your budget?

What if you bought a Zenbook OLED Intel Evo laptop

Darty gives you a little boost for the start of the school year with a payment solution in 20 installments free of charge on a selection of Asus products. The opportunity to crack, for example, on a pretty Zenbook OLED Intel Evo 13″, equipped with Windows 11. The start of the school year is generally … Read more

Hamraoui case: “Dangerous drugs”, “breaking a kneecap” … Diallo’s worrying research before the attack

Your package has been delivered this scam siphons off all

In the case of the attack on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui, her former teammate Aminata Diallo and four other potential protagonists were placed in pre-trial detention on Friday September 16. The latter, considered to be the sponsor by the investigators, had done curious research on the internet a few days before the facts. Suspected of … Read more

Offer a Galaxy A13, a Redmi Note 11 or an OPPO A16s to your teenager without breaking the bank with Bouygues Telecom’s scalable Sensation plan!

Offer a Galaxy A13 a Redmi Note 11 or an

You need to equip your teenager with a smart phone in this back-to-school season? Bouygues Telecom offers you a good plan to save money, while keeping control over the uses of the mobile device. It’s about a reduction on the models Galaxy A13, Redmi Note 11 Where OPPO A16s for any subscription to a scalable … Read more

Breaking News crypto: This IT giant that bans Ethereum mining! – Mag Mirror

Breaking News crypto This IT giant that bans Ethereum mining

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Struggles for decentralization have long shaped the development of smart contracts and layers of governance in the crypto ecosystem. Last week, something else struck: Hetzner, the second-largest hosting provider for Ethereum, clarified that miners from crypto-currencies cannot use its server farms to support the blockchain network, or any other cryptocurrency … Read more

Vince Gilligan wants a GTA-style Breaking Bad game

Vince Gilligan wants a GTA style Breaking Bad game

breaking Bad once again steals the show from the world of show business, as the show’s final season Better Call Saul its spin-off, had numerous cameos of characters who appeared in the main series. Among them, the same Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, to name a few. But beyond the success of the two productions … Read more

How T-Mobile is breaking 5G speed records in the United States and why our smartphones are not ready to take advantage of it

The American operator has reached 3 Gbit/s of speed on its commercial network by aggregating several 5G frequency bands. We explain to you why the conditions are not met in France to obtain the same performance. T-Mobile announces this week that it has reached a peak of 3 Gbps of download speed on its network … Read more