Transformation of the Lapeyre brand: digitization and improved customer experience

Transformation of the Lapeyre brand digitization and improved customer

Nine months after the launch of its “Convergence & Growth” strategic plan, the Lapeyre brand specializing in home improvement, draws an initial assessment of its actions. The customer journey has been optimized for professionals and digital technology is making its way to the point of sale with virtual reality, kiosks and electronic labelling. As for … Read more

Do you know Kingston, this brand present in almost all your electronic devices?

Do you know Kingston this brand present in almost all

Kingston is a brand that you necessarily know if you have already put your hands in a PC or are interested in storage solutions. But what you may not know is that it is engaged in many areas of technology, including where it is not expected. Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 RGB RAM modules integrated into … Read more

Prixtel launches Le penta, its brand new 100 GB mobile plan at €9.99

Prixtel launches Le penta its brand new 100 GB mobile

A wind of change is blowing at Pricetel ! The operator has indeed just changed its mobile offers and has exchanged its Le Géant plan for a brand new non-binding mobile offer : The penta. This flexible subscription was born of a partnership with the LFLas part of the LFL Prixtel Day. With this new … Read more

Metavers: Omi adapts brand product catalogs in the virtual world

If brands want to sell products in the metaverse, there is a aspect that not all of them have yet considered: the representation of their products, necessarily in 3D. It was already not always easy to have beautiful photos for in 2D, which means that the step will be even higher for these environments … Read more

Study: how to become a beloved brand on social networks

Study how to become a beloved brand on social networks

Talkwalkera consumer intelligence solution, has partnered with Hootsuite, a platform specializing in social media management, to analyze more than 1,500 international brands from 20 sectors of activity, through 2.6 billion conversations exchanged between July 2021 and March 2022. In this report, you will discover valuable insights to better understand the reasons that motivate consumers to … Read more

Apple, the first tech brand to endorse inflation

It was a cold shower that participants at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference felt on Monday, June 6, 2022. Hundreds of them gathered at Apple Park, the futuristic ring-shaped headquarters in Cupertino (United States). United) to attend the presentation of new software and hardware from the apple brand. Among them, the new generation of the … Read more

Apple failures: we bet you don’t know the worst products from the brand that created the iPhone

Apple failures we bet you dont know the worst products

News hardware Apple failures: we bet you don’t know the worst products from the brand that created the iPhone Published on 05/06/2022 at 11:10 If you think Apple has had nothing but successes, you’re way off the mark: the company that created the iPhone, MacBook and iPad has had its share of failures, some of … Read more

Apple: the RealityOS brand has just been registered by… an unknown company

A new clue is added to recent indiscretions and rumours. Trademarking the name of Apple’s future mixed reality headset OS would mean it could be introduced at WWDC. Its operating system should in any case be talked about during the opening conference. WWDC is approaching, a perfect time for big software announcements – and sometimes … Read more

Virtual worlds: the brand new Virbela campus operated by Komodal

Nicolas Ribeyre and Laurent Giraldon have tested the solution they show us. “ “By working in the new version of Virbela that we will launch in a few days under our 4th Place campus, our customers – like Alstom (which will be the first to inaugurate the solution in France) – can evolve alongside social … Read more