Social media use impacts teen brains, study finds

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This study is one of the first to investigate changes in brain function correlated with social media use in young adolescents, over a period of years. BRAIN – ” The teenagers who grow up consulting the most social networks become hypersensitive to feedback from their peers. » This is one of the conclusions of the … Read more

A new flexible and steerable device placed in living brains by a minimally invasive robot – Psychology and Psychiatry News

A new flexible and steerable device placed in living brains

Preliminary research tested the delivery and safety of the new implantable catheter design in two sheep to determine its potential for use in the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases. If proven effective and safe for use in humans, the platform could simplify and reduce the risks associated with diagnosing and treating diseases in the … Read more

La start-up Inclusive Brains veut favoriser l’insertion professionnelle avec l’IA

« Vous avez là une pépite et un futur leader mondial ! », s’enthousiame Jean-Luc Chauvin, le président de la CCI Aix-Marseille Provence (CCIAMP), en décrivant l’innovation d’Inclusive Brains. La jeune entreprise marseillaise, spécialisée dans l’Intelligence artificielle (IA) et la neurotechnologie, a développé des jumeaux numériques du cerveau humain pour palier, en partie, la perte … Read more

Neurosciences: the Prada Foundation presents the “Human Brains: It Begins with an Idea” exhibition in Venice

In 2018, the Fondazione Prada set up a multidisciplinary project in the field of neurosciences which aims to explore the human brain, to understand the complexity of its functions… These reflections gave birth to “Human Brains”, a program of exhibitions, of online debates, conferences and publications which began in November 2020 and will end next … Read more