How to access the parameters of his Internet box?

1673883679 How to access the parameters of his Internet

Accessing the settings of your Internet box can be useful for making advanced settings or solving connection problems. The steps to access it vary according to the operator and the model of your box. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to find how to access the settings of your box, especially for less experienced users. … Read more easily access the interface of your Internet box

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Each Internet box has an administrator interface to access advanced settings for its network and its connection. The terms of access change depending on whether we are talking about a Live from Orange, a Freebox from Free, a Bbox from Bouygues or an SFR box. Whether you have a subscription at the house of Orange, … Read more

Energy crisis: Arcep wants to measure the consumption of your internet box

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At a time when energy prices are skyrocketing, Arcep has just taken new measures as part of its “For a sustainable digital” program launched in 2020. Indeed, the institution is launching a protocol to calculate the electricity consumption of your internet box. Credits: Free As you may know, the government has multiplied statements in recent … Read more

Box Internet: ARCEP will soon reveal how much they really consume

It’s been a few weeks since the major Internet service providers in France responded to the call for energy sobriety by deploying updates targeting their equipment. The majority of box thus benefited from a update to limit their standby consumption or add a deep sleep mode when not in use. ARCEP is preparing a new … Read more

Bbox fit vs Freebox Revolution: which internet box to choose?

Bbox fit vs Freebox Revolution which internet box to choose

Are you looking for a cheap box to reduce your internet bill? At less than 20 euros per month, you can currently subscribe to the Bbox fit from Bouygues Telecom or the Freebox Revolution from Free. Which is better? Read our comparison to discover the internet offer that suits you. Content designed and provided by … Read more

Box + mobile offers at SFR: Save on your bill

Box mobile offers at SFR Save on your bill

In the past, it was more common to take your mobile plan and your internet offer separately. At that time, these different offers were still independent. Today, things have changed enormously. We have successively witnessed the advent of smartphones, then new models of connected televisions. This favored the deployment of internet box offers + mobile … Read more

Terminate my internet box: What steps to avoid paying?

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Do you want to cancel your internet box without paying cancellation fees? This is possible in some cases. Discover them in this guide. Do you want to cancel your internet box after finding a better offer from another operator? Are you moving to an area not covered by your internet provider? Are you fed up … Read more

Manage your internet box remotely: what applications do you need to know?

Manage your internet box remotely what applications do you need

You want to manage your internet box and you are a little lost in the number of applications available from all operators? Here’s what to help you. Whether you are an individual or a professional, administering your internet box can sometimes become a headache when you do not have the right tools in hand or … Read more

What is the best box to enjoy a 4K Android TV decoder?

Les Francais qui achetent sur internet de plus en plus

Smart-TVs are democratizing and constantly competing to offer us ever more incredible image and sound quality. 4K technology, for example, is an image 4 times sharper than Full HD, breathtaking colors, pixel-precise slow motion: you can enjoy the explosions of the latest Blockbuster, or the slow motion of the most beautiful goal of the year! … Read more