Alexia Cordier, the boss of Fifty who puts all employees in motion

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Posted Jul 5, 2022, 6:30 AM A CEO is also the showcase of his company. Alexia Cordier is a very good example, according to her partner. “She’s a woman of action, who puts everyone in motion,” summarizes Jérémy Salmon, co-founder of Fifty, a solution that recommends concrete actions to employees following training. Four years after … Read more

Work: boss, employees or freelancers, they practice a vintage Internet

Landline telephone, wired connection, typewriter… Many of them use work tools dating from the infancy of the Internet. And listening to them, you may well be tempted. Overstressed, stressed, drowned in untimely notifications, they feel feverish and unable to concentrate. To preserve their mental healththey now favor work tools 2000s. Old technologies for comfort To … Read more

Reorganization at Microsoft, the boss of Surface products recovers HoloLens

Reorganization at Microsoft the boss of Surface products recovers HoloLens

Panos Panay will now oversee virtual and mixed realities at Microsoft. The head of the Windows and Devices division recovers the Mixed Reality branch after the resignation of Alex Kipman … who was also in charge of Hololens and its military variant. The US Army’s IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) project, based on the HoloLens … Read more

Why a boss relayed the list of 570 dismissed employees on the Internet

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Sebastian Siemiatkowski, the boss from Klarna, surprised everyone. On Tuesday, he relayed on his public networks the list of employees recently dismissed by fintech Swedish, relate The echoes. The latter are part of the wave of layoffs announced last week by the world leader in split payment. Klarna had declared that it wanted to part … Read more

For Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic, “the App Store is not doing developers a favor”

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Tim Sweeney doesn’t give up. The founder and boss of Epic, who went to war against Apple over the practices of the App Store, gave the background of his thoughts in an interview with the FinancialTimes. Not surprisingly, he blames the ” monopolies from Apple and Google in the area of ​​digital content distribution. The … Read more

Paul Courtaud, young boss of Neobrain, specialized in AI

April 28, 2022 will remain etched in his memory. In a cafe, at half past one in the morning, Paul Courtaud signed the lease for his new Parisian premises. It must be said that his start-up, neobrain, needs space: employing 93 employees, it should double its workforce before the end of the year. Already, this … Read more