Territory of Belfort. Mobile network: a relay antenna at the Ballon d’Alsace to put an end to the white areas

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It was a necessary equipment on the sector. At the beginning of the afternoon this Monday January 23, in the winter coldness of the Ballon d’Alsace , Raphaël Sodini, the prefect of the Territory of Belfort, and Florian Bouquet, the president of the Department, in particular, found themselves at the foot of the relay antenna … Read more

Territory of Belfort. All my outings: a website to find friends to go out near home

Facture electronique ce qui change pour la grande distribution

It was in full confinement that the site was born. In February 2021. Logical because the need for contacts has grown with the isolation linked to the covid. “The site is national but everyone can offer activities in their area,” says Sandrine, one of the members, who joined the platform in May. “I was hiking … Read more