Le futur de Tinder, l’appli qui a transformé l’amour, le sexe et les relations – BBC News Afrique

Le futur de Tinder lappli qui a transforme lamour le

Ricardo Senra BBC World Service il y a 7 heures Crédit photo, Getty Images Légende image, À quoi ressemblera l’avenir des rencontres en ligne ? “Je me suis marié avec l’amour de ma vie… Merci Tinder”, a tweeté Alexis Gutierrez, un jeune de 24 ans de Tacoma, aux États-Unis. Le cupidon mobile du couple était … Read more

Why we could all have a digital twin in a decade – BBC News Africa

Why we could all have a digital twin in a

Jane Wakefield Technology journalist an hour ago Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, Some experts say the creation of human digital twins may be only a matter of decades away Most of us have already heard that we had a double, a stranger crossed in the street who looked strangely like them. But imagine if … Read more

From youngster from a disadvantaged neighborhood to founder of a tech company – BBC News BBC Homepage

From youngster from a disadvantaged neighborhood to founder of a

By Dougal Shaw Business reporter, BBC News an hour ago Photo credit, Fanbytes image caption, Timothy Armoo ​​founded Fanbytes in 2017. A young black entrepreneur with few contacts in the sector, Timothy Armoo, 27, has more than thwarted the odds to obtain investment, develop and sell his start-up. He grew up in a housing estate … Read more

What is Google’s new skin tone scale? – BBC News Africa

What is Googles new skin tone scale BBC News

9 hours ago Photo credit, Google Google has unveiled a more diverse skin tone scale to develop its artificial intelligence systems. The new Monk Skin Tone Scale, named after Harvard University professor Dr. Ellis Monk, has ten skin tones. To read especially on BBC Africa: Google says it will replace outdated skin tone scales, which … Read more

Comment les déchets peuvent révéler les préférences et les habitudes changeantes des gens – BBC News Afrique

Comment les dechets peuvent reveler les preferences et les habitudes

il y a 4 heures Crédit photo, Getty Images Légende image, Les déchets ménagers peuvent être utilisés pour étudier les préférences des consommateurs pour certaines marques de produits et plus encore Les objets que les gens jettent à la poubelle révèlent tout – de l’alimentation désordonnée aux habitudes sexuelles, en passant par les secrets de … Read more

Harness e-waste, not Earth, say scientists – BBC News BBC Homepage

Harness e waste not Earth say scientists BBC News BBC

Victoria Gill Science Correspondent, BBC News 8 hours ago Photo credit, Royal Society of Chemistry image caption, Smartphones contain about 30 different elements, some of which are running out on Earth. There is an urgent need to accelerate the recycling of e-waste, scientists say, as mining precious metals for making new gadgets is unsustainable. According … Read more