Microsoft’s ‘Hybrid Loop’ Shows the Basics of AI-Powered Client/Cloud Computing

Microsofts Hybrid Loop Shows the Basics of AI Powered ClientCloud Computing

Foresight: The most intriguing idea to come out of Microsoft’s Build conference this year is a forward-looking concept the company calls the “Hybrid Loop,” which defines a set of hybrid applications that bridge the gap between the cloud and edge client devices. At a basic level, hybrid applications will be able to run both locally … Read more

Familiarize yourself with the basics of cybersecurity

Good cybersecurity practices are great ways to protect yourself and others from cyberattacks. At a time when screen time is on the rise, being “cyber smart” is more important than ever. After all, this year has already seen the number of attacks and data breaches increase and these cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated every day. … Read more