The best Internet BOX promos to switch to Fiber without breaking the bank

The best Internet BOX promos to switch to Fiber without

Go up a gear without breaking the bank thanks to current promotions from the main Internet providers Free, SFR, sosh and Bouygues Telecom. The Fiber Internet BOXes of these major brands are less than €16 per month. These offers are also valid in ADSL, if you do not have optical fiber. These four discounted internet … Read more

Crédit Agricole wants to become a bank where digital is augmented by people

Credit Agricole wants to become a bank where digital is

Are we going towards the end of the mantra where artificial intelligence and digital serve to transform the employee into an augmented employee? Crédit Agricole announces a future where it is digital that is augmented by humans. Advisors must be on the understanding of customers This is what Jean-Paul Mazoyer, Deputy Managing Director of Crédit … Read more

Offer a Galaxy A13, a Redmi Note 11 or an OPPO A16s to your teenager without breaking the bank with Bouygues Telecom’s scalable Sensation plan!

Offer a Galaxy A13 a Redmi Note 11 or an

You need to equip your teenager with a smart phone in this back-to-school season? Bouygues Telecom offers you a good plan to save money, while keeping control over the uses of the mobile device. It’s about a reduction on the models Galaxy A13, Redmi Note 11 Where OPPO A16s for any subscription to a scalable … Read more

Payment by bank card on the Internet: a simply fast and secure option!

Payment by bank card on the Internet a simply fast

With the development and democratization of trade on Internetthe 3D Secure system has been implemented to guarantee the security and speed of payment by map banking on the Internet. Indeed, it is a protocol and a security system andauthentication of a deemed transaction strong dedicated to consumers and online merchants. Discover in this guide the … Read more

UnionDigital Bank mixes cybersecurity and AI in the face of risks Computerworld

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Online banking is on the rise, and so are the resulting security risks. To strengthen its protection, UnionDigital Bank was created with a specific approach to its cybersecurity with AI. An online bank’s reliance on data required an AI-based approach to cybersecurity and risk management. It was essential to success, says Dominic Grunden, CISO of … Read more

In Tunisia, Flouci turns into a mobile bank to facilitate financial transactions thanks to the blockchain

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Fintechs are the start-ups that attract the most capital in Africa. This is among other things due to the low rate of banking on the continent. Entrepreneurs from various regions are developing solutions to help people access financial services. Flouci is a fintech solution developed by the Tunisian start-up Kaoun. It allows, from a smartphone, … Read more

How to better manage your money with a mobile bank? – Challenges

Traditional banks, online banks, neobanks…. It is sometimes difficult to find your way around. However, at a time when each of us tends to be more and more careful about our expenses, it is important to know the differences to make the best choice. A mobile bank has the characteristic of offering a dematerialized offer. … Read more

Online banking, neo-banking… how to choose the right dematerialized bank

A traditional bank with its branch open during your school hours, advisers who change regularly, and often rates that are too high for your finances… In short, dad’s bank is not for you! But you need an account and banking services. Modern! The criteria for choosing First, identify your needs. To do this, think about … Read more

He steals the employee’s piggy bank, the baker broadcasts the video on social networks

He steals the employees piggy bank the baker broadcasts the

On May 31, around 3:30 p.m., a man entered the Histoire du Blé bakery in Noyelles-Godault, then took advantage of an employee taking care of his order to steal the piggy bank containing the employees’ tips. Despite the prohibition of such an approach, Florence Deldreve-Ferri, the manager, published the video of the scene on social … Read more