Radiotherapy: alleviating fears through virtual reality – Sciences et Avenir

The machine is massive, its big articulated arm with six degrees of movement, impressive. The Cyberknife, that’s its name, is a radiosurgery robot designed by a Californian company, capable of rotating around the patient to better target the target organs and reduce the dose of X-rays received by the organs at risk. But because being … Read more

Speed ​​race to take a position on the space internet – Sciences et Avenir

Speed ​​race to take a position on the space internet

Satellite internet, already a commercial reality, will see competition intensify with the planned deployment of thousands of low-Earth orbiting craft, meant to bring broadband around the world without the cumbersome infrastructure on the ground. Amazon took a decisive step on Tuesday in the deployment of its Kuiper constellation, with a budget of more than 10 … Read more

Is an AI conscious? “We are caught in our own trap” – Sciences et Avenir

It’s a scenario that has become classic in science fiction films: an artificial intelligence becomes conscious. That the protagonist falls in love with it as in Her or that the AI ​​pushes humans towards death as in 2001, a space odyssey, this theme has been fantasizing for a long time. The latest debate to date, … Read more

Festival Palais Augmented 2: virtual art occupies the space of reality – Sciences et Avenir

Festival Palais Augmented 2 virtual art occupies the space of

Alchemy and collective energy: vibrating together in a vast museum universe, interacting with works of art that mysteriously take shape in space during a stroll guided by smartphone… This alchemy is at the heart of the 2th edition of the Augmented Palace, a festival dedicated to creations made using immersive technologies. It reflects the intention … Read more

A major breakthrough towards the quantum internet – Sciences et Avenir

Researchers have taken a key step towards an ultra-secure quantum internet, by creating a rudimentary network for exchanging information by three-time teleportation, they revealed in a study on Wednesday. A quantum internet – which should not see the light of day for ten years – will be a large-scale network connecting users via new applications … Read more