How tech companies are adapting to attract and keep talent

How tech companies are adapting to attract and keep talent

The number of new tech jobs offering remote working has skyrocketed as employers broaden their search for talent. According to a recent CompTIA report, this development reflects a “significant shift in the way of thinking about the workplace”. Tech companies are engaged in these reflections. To attract and keep their talents, they must adapt to … Read more

Quimper – In Quimper, engineering and IT are still struggling to attract women

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Contrary to what one might think, mathematics is not the pet peeve of high school girls. At the Brizeux high school in Quimper, as many girls as boys choose the disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry and life and Earth sciences. Remember that the baccalaureate reform put an end to the S, ES and L streams. … Read more

Digital Transition: to attract industrialists, Digital 113 hunts in packs – ToulÉco

Digital Transition to attract industrialists Digital 113 hunts in packs

Six seasons already! [1] But the Digital 113 team does not lack inspiration and desire to Digital is future, its quarterly program dedicated to the digitization of a sector of activity. Place this autonomous in Industry with several partner structures: Toulouse Tech Transfer [2] of which “a third of the activities would be related to … Read more