Android: Google attacks the transfer of eSim cards between smartphones

Android Google attacks the transfer of eSim cards between smartphones

If Apple offers to easily transfer its eSim card from one iPhone to another thanks to iOS 16, this functionality was still missing on Android. However, Google is visibly working on its deployment, as evidenced by the notes of the 2nd beta update of Android QPR 2. Credit: 123RF In recent years, the eSim is … Read more

Metavers, companies think about it, but hesitate for fear of cyber attacks and economic uncertainties – IT SOCIAL

Metavers companies think about it but hesitate for fear of

Between the fear of missing the boat and the little inner voice that sees only a buzz for asocial geeks in search of thrills, the Metavers intrigues as much as it attracts. However, even for the skeptics, curiosity for this new frontier, beyond which everything remains to be invented, ends up prevailing and one ends … Read more

Cyber ​​attacks: a bulletproof named Wybot

Cyber ​​attacks a bulletproof named Wybot

An interesting newcomer to the arsenal of tools for the prevention of computer crime. It is the work of the Rouen company Sysun, labeled “Expert Cyber” by the State. After sixteen years spent restoring computer systems compromised by hackers, its engineers have developed an “all-in-one” preventive solution against cyber-threats, within the reach of any community, … Read more

Machine learning models victims of computer attacks | Engineering Techniques

Les Francais qui achetent sur internet de plus en plus

Used by electronic payment solutions and banks, machine learning aims to fight against financial fraud. But hackers could try to lure these learning models into attacks and disinformation campaigns. Subfield of AI, the machine learning (ML) allows computers to rely on statistical techniques to perform a specific task. Taking advantage of the computing power of … Read more

Under electronic bracelet, he threatens and attacks a bus driver in Dieppe to return home

Under electronic bracelet he threatens and attacks a bus driver

By Maxime Cartier Published on 8 Dec 22 at 10:11 Dieppe Information See my news Follow this media Shortly after his release, the man sinned again in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) and returned to prison. (©Archives) (© Les Informations Dieppoises) The taste of freedom will have been short-lived. A little less than a month to be precise. … Read more

Lockbit, Killnet… These cyberpirates who multiply attacks in Europe

Crypto Elon Musk TikTok The underside of the big

The European Parliament fell victim to a DDoS cyberattack on Wednesday 23 November. Its site was taken out of service a few hours after a vote by MEPs describing Russia as a “State promoter of terrorism”. The Speaker of Parliament tweeted that a pro-Kremlin group claimed responsibility for the attack, while Deputy Speaker Eva Kaili … Read more

What if Russia, after Nord Stream, attacks undersea internet cables?

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

Stupor Tuesday September 27: the Danish authorities reported that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, in the Baltic Sea, had been, one after the other, victims of major damage. They were intentionally caused explosions rather than a very unfortunate malfunction, one of them resulting in a tremor measured at 2.3 on the Richter … Read more

After two new wolf attacks in the Doubs, the Gap “wolf” mobile brigade called in as reinforcements

After two new wolf attacks in the Doubs the Gap

Wolf attacks have followed one another since the beginning of summer in Haut-Doubs and the Jura massif. After a pause in September, the attacks have resumed since October 8. Two new attacks. Two new cattle killed by the wolf. October 15 in the morning in Chapelle d’Huin, October 17 in Chaux-Neuve on a farm already … Read more

Scylla: the new virus that attacks Android and iOS – Cachem

Scylla the new virus that attacks Android and iOS

Cybersecurity researchers for the protection of internet companies and platforms have just published a report on new viruses. A hundred applications have been infected over the past three years by viruses on Google Play Store and on theApple App Store. In all, this would represent around 13 million downloads and this no longer shocks anyone. … Read more

Adopt a mobile security strategy to counter the explosion of phishing attacks

Adopt a mobile security strategy to counter the explosion of

In an increasingly changing work environment, would mobile threat detection be the key to a modern security strategy? The omnipresence in companies of mobile devices – which allow remote communication in real time, sending SMS, checking emails, etc. – make them a prime target for hackers. Admittedly, these devices have improved our quality of life … Read more