ChatCGT, ChatGPT voice assistant… The crazy uses of star AI

1674589691 ChatCGT ChatGPT voice assistant… The crazy uses of star AI

ChatGPT, the incredible conversational AI, fascinates the Internet and causes a lot of stir. Everyone tries to see the possibilities it opens up. Humorous application, voice assistant, but also journalist or therapeutic aid, the horizon is vast! Summary “She came, she doesn’t like Macron, it’s CHATCGT“ ! This is how Vincent Flibustier, creator of the … Read more

Grâce à ChatGPT, il a créé un assistant pour iPhone qui ridiculise Siri, Alexa et Google Assistant

Grace a ChatGPT il a cree un assistant pour iPhone

Un développeur a eu la brillante idée d’utiliser le bot d’OpenAI comme assistant domotique. Le résultat est bluffant, et devrait servir de leçon aux assistants d’Apple, Amazon ou Google… Ce n’est que du bricolage, et c’est peut-être pourtant un premier coup d’œil futur des assistants personnels. Mate Marschalko, un développeur sans doute fatigué des réponses … Read more

“Siri was created like a slightly deaf old grandpa”: the co-creator of the voice assistant at a conference in Nice

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

Bad baptism. If in 1956, artificial intelligence sounded like the promise of all possibilities, in 2022 the mirror to the larks split. AI cannot do everything, but it can already do a lot: it must be seen as a toolbox. This is explained by Luc Julia on Saturday December 10 in Nice. Co-creator of Siri, … Read more

Virtual Health Assistant Market Revenue, Growth Factors, Trends, Key Companies, Forecast to 2027 –

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

The study report global market share in virtual healthcare assistants offers in-depth statistical analysis to better understand the Virtual Healthcare Assistant industry and the changing dynamics in the business sphere. The report covers key data on market share, market size, revenue growth, sales and distribution channel, current and emerging trends, and technological advancements. The report … Read more