Children in front of the contemporary art of the MuMo: “It’s weird and too well done”

Children in front of the contemporary art of the MuMo

This summer, the mobile museum (MuMo) makes several stops in the Weppes. We visited it in Salomé with a group of 6 year olds. Or how to talk about contemporary art… to the little ones. Transcription. The MuMo is a mobile museum that currently criss-crosses the Lille metropolis. The idea: talk about contemporary art with … Read more

Villenoy: La Micro-Folie, art and culture accessible to all!

Villenoy La Micro Folie art and culture accessible to all

La Micro-Folie, a digital art gallery. After Montereau, Coulommiers and Melun… The Micro-Madness now settles in Villenoy. At the heart of the House of Artists, the people of Villenoy discover, day after day, this digital museum. By putting its cultural heritage at the service of technology, the municipality brings generations together around an interactive and … Read more

Focus on the Alpine A110 Sastruga, “Art Car” resulting from a collaboration between Alpine Cars, BWT Alpine F1 Team and the Obvious collective

It was last April, at the Grand Palais Ephémère, during the Art Paris fair, which aims to make contemporary art accessible to a wider audience, that the Alpine A110 Sastruga was presented for the first time. More recently, on May 25, it made its road debut before the Monaco Grand Prix, in the hands of … Read more

Festival Palais Augmented 2: virtual art occupies the space of reality – Sciences et Avenir

Festival Palais Augmented 2 virtual art occupies the space of

Alchemy and collective energy: vibrating together in a vast museum universe, interacting with works of art that mysteriously take shape in space during a stroll guided by smartphone… This alchemy is at the heart of the 2th edition of the Augmented Palace, a festival dedicated to creations made using immersive technologies. It reflects the intention … Read more

Olivier Babeau: “We will not escape the metaverse, but we must learn the art of living in the digital age”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – The metaverse, which is based on the creation of virtual worlds in augmented reality, is not necessarily dangerous, even if its development must be carefully examined, argues the president of the Sapiens Institute (think-tank) . Olivier Babeau is president of the Sapiens Institute (think-tank). His latest published work is The New Digital Disorder. … Read more