Controversy in Ariège: when a sentence from the mayor of Lercoul ignites social networks

Controversy in Ariege when a sentence from the mayor of

the essential For having made virulent remarks against the students supporting Eric Zemmour, François Lafon, the Insoumis mayor of Lercoul, has been the target of violent attacks for several days. “If some students voted for Macron, Ciotti, Le Pen or even Roussel, I don’t respect them very much… But if some voted for Zemmour, I … Read more

Ariège: the fiber in full insertion in the territory

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

the essential In full deployment throughout the department, optical fiber requires the pruning of trees before being installed. In the Couserans, this preliminary work is carried out by employees in integration. On the heights of Biert, the branches fall one by one. “There, we have to clear at least fifty centimeters between the cables and … Read more