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Looking for free apps for iOS and Android? So stay here! We’ve been around the web and found things that cost money but are currently free! Like every week, NextPit offers you a selection of good deals for mobile applications and games for iOS and Android that are normally paid for but which are temporarily … Read more

These “discontinued” apps pose a problem for Apple and Google

These discontinued apps pose a problem for Apple and Google

The application stores of Apple and Google would count more than 1.5 million “abandoned” applications. Abandoned by their developers, they can pose security problems. Apple and Google have long highlighted the number of applications available on their respective stores. Despite the controversy, the App Store and the Play Store are essential for smartphones running iOS … Read more

Your Android apps follow you. Here’s how to stop them

Your Android apps follow you Heres how to stop them

Duck Duck Go started out as a privacy-focused search engine. Competition with Google was (and still is) tough. But the company behind the search engine didn’t just offer this service and quickly started building a web browser. This browser was designed from the ground up to be just as privacy-friendly as the search engine. DuckDuckGo … Read more

Android/iOS: Apple and Google Stores Contain 1.5 Million “Abandoned” Apps

AndroidiOS Apple and Google Stores Contain 15 Million Abandoned Apps

Far from the issue of sideloading, which arises mainly for the Apple App Store, the success of mobile download kiosks is undoubtedly their first enemy. How do you find quality apps in an endless stream of new apps? And moreover, how to ensure that the ranks of these very rich offers are not artificially inflated … Read more