Google, Samsung and Qualcomm join forces to counter Apple’s future headphones

Google Samsung and Qualcomm join forces to counter Apples future

At the end of the conference dedicated to the Galaxy S23, Samsung announced that it was preparing “for future XR experiences” (for Extended Reality). The Korean brand is counting on Google and Qualcomm to help it design its future product. Long before the Meta Quest Pro, there was the Samsung Gear VR. The helmet of … Read more

Self Service Repair: we (did) not repair our iPhone with Apple’s repair kit

1673792846 Self Service Repair we did not repair our iPhone with

Apple ensures that “Eight out of ten customers are less than thirty minutes from an Approved Service Center” in Europe, which always leaves two poor clients, and does not guarantee that you will easily find an appointment. You would let a carrier pick up your device and send it to Pegatron’s huge logistics center in … Read more

How its mixed reality headset uses all of Apple’s resources…even the iPhone’s

How its mixed reality headset uses all of Apples resourceseven

Apple has just entered the very last straight line before the announcement of its mixed reality headset which should take place in the spring. However, the efforts made would have heavy impacts on almost all future launches, hardware or software. 2023 will be the year of mixed reality for Apple. His MR helmet is on … Read more

Qualcomm releases Snapdragon Satellite for Android, a carbon copy of Apple’s Emergency Calls

Qualcomm releases Snapdragon Satellite for Android a carbon copy of

On the occasion of CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Qualcomm has just presented Snapdragon Satellite. Developed in partnership with Iridium, it is a two-way satellite messaging solution. Designed to equip high-end Android smartphones under Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (initially), Snapdragon Satellite is akin to a direct response to Apple and its satellite emergency calls on … Read more

New leaks on the characteristics of Apple’s future mixed reality headset

New year, new leaks regarding the mixed reality headset that is preparing Apple. And as often, these come from the specialized media The Information. Dated January 3, the article details a multitude of technical characteristics and functionalities of the product, which would now be in the advanced validation phases in anticipation of a launch this … Read more

Apple’s mixed reality headset might just require you to wear a battery on your belt

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The next product from Apple is unveiled up and down and across. The Information got access to a whole bunch of technical information regarding the upcoming virtual reality/augmented reality headset that Apple has been developing for years now. Plenty of chips for a demanding headset To the latest news, we just knew that the headset … Read more

Apple’s mixed reality headset: its supposed specifics impress, its price too

Apples mixed reality headset its supposed specifics impress its price

Is it finally in 2023 that we will discover, with amazed eyes, shortness of breath and bank card in hand, Apple’s AR / VR / XR / mystR headset? Maybe yes. The Information in any case, has just revealed new details on this sea serpent which suggest an upcoming launch. The mixed reality headset, which … Read more

MacBook Air M1: Apple’s most affordable laptop lowers its price for New Year’s Eve

MacBook Air M1 Apples most affordable laptop lowers its price

This is not the first reduction that we see for the MacBook Air equipped with the M1 chip, but, thanks to a promo code, it is back below the symbolic bar of 1000 euros. An interesting offer, when most Apple products see their prices soar. The MacBook Air M1 // Source: Frandroid With the arrival … Read more

iPhone: will alternatives to the App Store hurt Apple’s profits?

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In 2023, Apple will have to authorize alternatives to the App Store on iOS at the request of European regulators. Will iPhone users massively turn away from the default store to third-party stores, at the risk of reducing Apple’s revenue? A survey carried out by Morgan Stanley provides some answers. From next year, Apple will … Read more

Just in time for Christmas, Amazon drops the price of Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus

Just in time for Christmas Amazon drops the price of

For those who plan to offer the latest iPhone for Christmas, it turns out that the iPhone 14 Plus is available in stock and even costs 100 euros less. A great deal when you know that the Pro model is difficult to find. Then, Amazon ensures delivery before Christmas. iPhone 14 Plus // Source: Frandroid … Read more