Territory of Belfort. Mobile network: a relay antenna at the Ballon d’Alsace to put an end to the white areas

1674676577 Territory of Belfort Mobile network a relay antenna at the

It was a necessary equipment on the sector. At the beginning of the afternoon this Monday January 23, in the winter coldness of the Ballon d’Alsace , Raphaël Sodini, the prefect of the Territory of Belfort, and Florian Bouquet, the president of the Department, in particular, found themselves at the foot of the relay antenna … Read more

Châteaulin – In Châteaulin, 100 residents against the 5G antenna of the Piriou stadium

Chateaulin In Chateaulin 100 residents against the 5G antenna

The sling against mobile phone antennas continues. After strong opposition from residents of the station districtlast spring, faced with the project to install a Free 5G antenna (on stand-by), it is those of the Eugène-Piriou stadium who are faced with the same problem, but with Bouygues and SFR. And they don’t like it at all. … Read more

Vaucluse: the inhabitants of Maubec oppose the installation of a mobile telephone relay antenna

Vaucluse the inhabitants of Maubec oppose the installation of a

A 5G relay antenna is to be installed in Maubec (Vaucluse) this summer. The pylon will be installed in the heart of the village. This project does not please the inhabitants, who intend to be heard. We are in November 2022. The village of Maubec, located in the south of Vaucluse, will soon be equipped … Read more

Fear for animals, lack of information and enlightened antenna… opponents list the arguments against Free Mobile

Fear for animals lack of information and enlightened antenna opponents

In Bouville, in Seine-Maritime, a collective was created to have a Free Mobile 5G antenna project abandoned. The inhabitants explain the refusal with several arguments. Near Rouen, some residents are doing everything to ensure that the 5G antenna is not installed near their homes. This is the case of Mylène, childminder in Bouville, who learned … Read more

Mobile Broadband Antenna Upcoming Growth of the Market Rapid Rise in Consumption in 2030

Study and overview of the global Mobile Broadband Antenna market report. The Mobile Broadband Antenna Market report presents a detailed competitive analysis including the Mobile Broadband Antenna market share, size and future scope. This market study Mobile broadband antenna categorizes the breakdown data by manufacturers, regions, types, and applications, and also analyzes the Mobile Broadband … Read more