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Anssi surveys students on their perceptions of cyber jobs

In line with the Observatory of cybersecurity professions, Anssi is continuing its action by carrying out a study which focuses on the attractiveness and representations of professions among students and people in training. The results reveal an uneven perception of the sector and professions depending on the training course. While the IT security sector lacks … Read more

Computer security: malicious actors are becoming more professional, concerns at Anssi

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Computer attacks are clearly on the rise in France. The number of proven intrusions into corporate information systems reported to Anssi (National Agency for Information Systems Security) increased by 37% between 2020 and 2021. There were 1082 proven computer intrusions in 2021 The Agency counts 1082 intrusions in 2021 compared to 786 in 2020. It … Read more

ANSSI publishes its panorama on the computer threat in 2021

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Each year, ANSSI takes stock of the state of the cyber threat in France for the year 2021. And unsurprisingly, the agency confirms a dark year marked by the growing professionalization of cybercriminal gangs, an upsurge in computer espionage and an explosion of O-Day vulnerabilities. The report ” Panorama of the computer threat 2021 » … Read more