“Darkening”, the first Czech animated film in virtual reality

Darkening the first Czech animated film in virtual reality

“Darkening” (“Tmání” in Czech) traces director Ondřej Moravec’s struggle with mental illness from childhood to adulthood. The main interested party testified for Radio Prague International: Ondrej Moravec|Photo: Anaïs Chesnel, Radio Prague Int. “I’ve been dealing with depression for fifteen years, so my goal was to raise awareness about this disease, because I still feel like … Read more

Meta’s Make-A-Video creates AI-powered animated GIFs Computerworld

Metas Make A Video creates AI powered animated GIFs Computerworld.webp

Meta not only creates AI-based images, but it interpolates them to create video. The result of the Make-A-Video offer is surprising to say the least Until now, the term “AI art” meant “static images”. Not anymore. Meta present Make-A-Video, where the company combines AI and interpolation to create short, looping video GIFs. Make-A-Video.studio is not … Read more