A computer science student starts an amazing Spotify Pie project!

Gouttiere dents les aligneurs vendus sur internet sont ils efficaces ou

A computer science student has invented software that allows Spotify users to generate a graph of their musical tastes. A computer science student has invented software that allows Spotify members to create a chart listing their musical tastes. Success guaranteed. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Resourceful students The students are overflowing … Read more

Global IT in Real Estate Market to See Amazing Growth by 2029 | SALES FORCE, LE SAGE, Accenture – Androidfun.com

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

The global report IT in Real Estate Market 2022 is a comprehensive study that includes data on the market size, growth, share, demand, sales and forecast to 2029. This research also includes a general study of the IT market share in real estate, as well as all the elements that influence the growth of the … Read more

HTC Desire 22 pro: an amazing smartphone turned towards the metaverse

HTC Desire 22 pro an amazing smartphone turned towards the

HTC has just presented its new smartphone, the Desire 22 pro. This model, focused on virtual reality, has its gaze turned towards the metaverse. It will be available in France. It’s been a long time since HTC took center stage in the smartphone market. The Taiwanese firm preferred to concentrate its efforts, with success, in … Read more

Connected appliances: amazing ideas from Haier

Connected appliances amazing ideas from Haier

Large household appliances can also use the Internet and artificial intelligence to simplify our daily lives. This is the credo of the Haier group, which has developed several new products that are original to say the least. Summary Is it really necessary to connect all the devices that surround us on a daily basis? Often … Read more

Microsoft unveils its Project Volterra, an amazing AI-powered ARM PC

Microsoft unveils its Project Volterra an amazing AI powered ARM PC

This material intended for developers is intended to accelerate the development of the computing ecosystem of tomorrow, where artificial intelligence will play the leading roles. Microsoft surprised audiences at its annual developer conference; once is not custom, the firm took the opportunity to unveil hardware during this event largely focused on the software side. She … Read more

PolkaDot LivingFree: an amazing Tiny House (off the grid) with a Starlink internet connection

PolkaDot LivingFree an amazing Tiny House off the grid with

Do you dream of a functional, autonomous, on wheels, ecological, affordable, modular, versatile, but also off-road and off-grid suitable small house? You must then take a few minutes to read what follows, and discover the Polkadot LivingFree. This small house combines all the qualities mentioned above and will be presented at the next electric vehicle … Read more

The iPod iPhone, an amazing concept that Apple liked but did not see the light of day

The iPod iPhone an amazing concept that Apple liked but

The man behind the iPod, Tony Fadell, explains how he was offered an interesting prototype at the time for Apple’s first smartphone: a concept iPod iPhone. Supporting photo, he delivers the details of this intriguing device that has never been realized. The real design of the first generation iPhone // Source: Carl Berkeley via WikiCommons … Read more