An artificial intelligence has discovered alternative laws of physics

An artificial intelligence has discovered alternative laws of physics

This exploratory work could one day lead to revolutionary advances in many disciplines. Modern science is largely based on the principle of iteration. We start from certain simple and verifiable assertions to build even more convoluted theories which, once validated in turn, will be used to establish new models — and so on. This approach … Read more

Signs of Disturbance in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies Point to an Alternative Gravitational Theory Astronomy & Astrophysics News

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Dwarf galaxies are small, faint galaxies that are usually found in galaxy clusters or near larger galaxies. For this reason, they could be affected by the gravitational effects of their larger companions. “We are introducing an innovative way to test the Standard Model based on the amount of dwarf galaxies perturbed by the gravitational tides … Read more

An artificial intelligence “invents” an alternative physics

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An experiment conducted at Columbia University demonstrates that artificial intelligences are capable of developing their own vision of physics. Can artificial intelligence help us discover new physical concepts? This is what suggests a fascinating and promising experiment carried out by researchers at Columbia University, in the United States, reports Science Alert . Read also: “Artificial … Read more

iPhone: Apple will have to authorize alternative App Stores from 2022 in Europe

iPhone Apple will have to authorize alternative App Stores from

The European Parliament has adopted two new pieces of legislation on digital services and digital markets. Their goal is to frame the application market on smartphones and tablets, whether on iOS and Android. One of the consequences would be the obligation for Apple to let other application stores appear on the iPhone. Both texts must … Read more

Pi Launcher: an alternative and customizable Quest game launcher!

Pi Launcher an alternative and customizable Quest game launcher

In the small world of virtual reality, independent developers seek to make your life more pleasant. Like the Quest Games Optimizerwhich makes your games more beautiful and crisp, the Pi Launcher compensates for the shortcomings of the application launcher of Meta Quest. Available for free at Side Quest in version 0.3.3, the Pi … Read more

Russia Unveils Alternative App Store to Bypass Sanctions

The invasion of Ukraine has not finished having major repercussions, including in tech. One of the latest is Wednesday’s launch of RuStore, a local Russian alternative to Google’s mobile app store – the Play Store – which has largely become inoperative in the country due to Western sanctions. This new app store was developed by … Read more

Starlink: zoom on Elon Musk’s alternative to ADSL

With its space Internet offer, SpaceX wants to offer a connection in white areas with a speed of up to 150 megabits per second and a latency of less than 20 ms. In France, the project is stopped by decision of the Council of State. Summary What is Starlink? Starlink is the billionaire entrepreneur’s space … Read more