A look back at the webinar on Open AI and data in law and justice systems from the Open for Good Alliance

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

The Open for Good Alliance, within the framework of UNESCO’s Global Initiative for the Education of Judges, which has trained more than 23,000 judicial operators since 2014, organized the “Webinar on Open AI and Data in the systems of law and justice”. Over 100 judges, lawyers, officials and researchers joined this webinar to hear perspectives … Read more

Technology and climate change: an alliance of reason

Technology can help companies significantly reduce their carbon footprint. The latest IPCC report once again sounds the alarm. It is imperative to change our habits very quickly if we want to conserve the planet. But if, on a personal level, it is easy to turn off the light, lower the temperature or close a tap, … Read more

CentraleSupélec and SystemX launch the CircularIT Alliance to put digital at the service of the circular economy

On May 10, CentraleSupélec and the IRT SystemX announced the creation of “Alliance CircularIT” in order to ” putting the power of digital technology at the service of the environment and sustainable development”. This collaboration, which should last five years, aims to build and deploy sustainable tools with high added value for citizens, industrialists and … Read more

Construction & industry, the concrete alliance of the digital twin

Construction industry the concrete alliance of the digital twin

“At the frontiers of reality”, such was for a long time the theme of science fiction novels which, by dint of stories, tended to dissolve the frontiers between two worlds that were once perfectly dissociated: that of sensory reality and that of digital virtuality. These stories anticipated the interpenetration of these two worlds and thus … Read more

GreenIT: CentraleSupélec and the IRT SystemX launch the CircularIT alliance – Computerworld

CentraleSuplec and the IRT SystemX launch the CircularIT Alliance, to address the issue of sustainable development in strategic industrial decisions. Digital technology and artificial intelligence will thus be integrated into decision-making support for the territories and companies concerned. CentraleSupélec, founding member of the University of Paris-Saclay, and the IRT SystemX announce the creation of the … Read more