In view of the new regulations on AI, the Cnil is preparing to audit the algorithms

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

Presented in April 2021, the draft European regulation on artificial intelligence provides that ‘high risk’ systems – such as facial recognition devices – will have to undergo audits in order to be marketed in the single market. The objective is to verify that they comply with the regulations in force (principle of non-discrimination, respect for … Read more

Aurélie Jean – No, algorithms have no conscience

VS’is the news that intrigues: an engineer from Google just suspended for having revealed to the general public the existence of an artificial intelligence aware of its existence. This is the LaMDA chatbot (for Language Model for Dialogue Applications in English) designed by Google teams which would have demonstrated cognitive acuity through its exchanges with … Read more

Will algorithms make it possible to better manage sporting events?

three days later the failure to maintain order around the Stade de Francethe mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi was calling to use facial recognition to facilitate the management of major events. But what could algorithms have brought to crowd management visibly disorganized ? One year from the Rugby World Cup, two years from the Paris … Read more

The XXII start-up relies on firefighters to train its algorithms to detect fires

The XXII start up relies on firefighters to train its algorithms

A start-up that approaches firefighters. XXII, a software publisher using artificial intelligence techniques and more particularly computer vision, approached the departmental fire and rescue service (SDIS) of the Meuse. The start-up founded in 2015 in Paris has developed a real-time video analysis solution and wants to offer a new fire detection feature from September. Ultimately, … Read more

Overview of machine learning algorithms

Overview of machine learning algorithms

Reputed to be very reliable, some are black boxes. Less robust, the others, on the contrary, allow humans to understand the machine’s choices. The best is most often to mix them. Linear regression, random forest, neural networks… Difficult to navigate as there are so many artificial intelligence algorithms. Nevertheless, within this plethoric offer, two major … Read more

The Senate wants to create a European controller of the reliability of facial recognition algorithms

Senators Marc-Philippe Daubresse (Union for a Popular Movement), Arnaud de Belenet (Centrist Union) and Jérôme Durain (Socialist, Ecologist and Republican Group) presented on May 11 the results of a report on the use of biometric recognition in public space. The spectrum of mass surveillance “It is essential to build a collective response to the use … Read more