New Heat Wave Alert: Here is THE best Mobile Air Conditioner to cool you down in August 2022 / 10 products tested – Mirror Mag

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Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn More powerful than tower fans and easier to move from room to room than window units, portable air conditioners are among the most versatile cooling appliances. If you need to refresh a large space, the powerful models can effectively tackle areas up to 60 square meters or more; some machines … Read more

Test du Apple MacBook Air M2 (2022)

Test du Apple MacBook Air M2 2022

Commercialisé à partir de 1 499 euros, le MacBook Air version 2022 bénéficie d’un nouveau design plus moderne, le quatrième de l’histoire de la gamme. Équipé de la nouvelle puce Apple M2, il s’agit d’un ordinateur aussi séduisant que performant. En 2006, j’ai goûté au Mac pour la première fois. C’est le MacBook, le modèle blanc, qui … Read more

Billionaires, irritated by the online tracking of their air journeys

1656764324 The Sandbox the metaverse that sells virtual land to brands

The practice is growing all over the world and is beginning to seriously annoy senior Chinese officials, business leaders and starlets. Track the private jets of billionaires thanks to sites or Twitter accounts that follow air traffic in real time, provokes epidermal reactions, from simple complaints to seizures of equipment. Every year Russian air cargo … Read more

Good air conditioner plan: more than 300 euros reduction on a mobile air conditioner

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GOOD PLAN AIR CONDITIONER. Ideal solution against heat: the mobile air conditioner from Suntec is currently available with a huge promotion on several specialized sites such as Darty and Rakuten. Summary An air conditioner is a perfect solution during the summer. The big heat waves are already starting to sweep across the territory, and the … Read more

Our selection of mobile air conditioning units to lower temperatures –

Our selection of mobile air conditioning units to lower temperatures

We’re starting to get used to it now, and for a few days now it’s been hot again, very hot, and beyond the tips for coping with the heat wave, it may be time for you to step up a gear. Exit the fans and other air fresheners, it is a mobile air conditioner that … Read more

This Oceanic mobile air conditioner, now at a mini price, is perfect for coping with the heat wave!

With the heat wave announced by Météo France this week, it is better to be well equipped to avoid suffocating. Precisely, Cdiscount today offers a good plan to acquire a mobile air conditioner at a great price. If you don’t have the means or the possibility of installing a fixed air conditioner in your home, … Read more

What’s wrong with Apple’s new MacBook Air M2 (2022)

1654755211 Whats wrong with Apples new MacBook Air M2 2022

Highly anticipated, the best-selling Mac has been brought up to date. After the euphoria of WWDC 2022, it’s time to ask whether this new MacBook Air M2 lives up to expectations. MB Air 2022 // Source: Frandroid – Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS The MacBook Air has been Apple’s signature laptop since Steve Jobs pulled it out of … Read more

Apple announces new MacBook Air computer and software improvements

Apple announces new MacBook Air computer and software improvements

Apple unveiled several new features as an introduction to its annual show for software creators, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which opened on Monday, June 6. On the menu: several software improvements planned for the fall and a new laptop at the launch scheduled for July. A modernized MacBook Air The new MacBook Air has … Read more