Ice Age wolf DNA reveals dogs have ancestry in two distinct wolf populations – Archaeology, Paleontology News

Hassan Ali Chaudhary hunts down waste in restaurants

An international group of geneticists and archaeologists, led by the Francis Crick Institute, has found that the ancestry of dogs can be traced to at least two populations of ancient wolves. The work brings us one step closer to uncovering the mystery of where dogs have been domesticated, one of the biggest unanswered questions about … Read more

Pornography: the State offers websites an age verification tool

Is the rearmament of institutions in the face of Internet sites prohibited to minors but which do not exercise this filtering on the right track? While various child protection associations have gone to the front on a legal level – without success for the moment – ​​it is on a technical level that a new … Read more

Blockchain, NFT, metaverse: what is “web3”, the new age of the internet?

A fashionable concept that agitates both the tech sphere and communicators, the “web3” is presented by its supporters as the new version of the internet, more decentralized and based on the “blockchain”, the technology behind NFTs and cryptocurrencies. “It seems to be more a marketing phrase than a reality at the moment”, however, criticized the … Read more

Blockchain, NFT, metaverse: what is “web3”, the new age of the internet?

What evolution of the Internet embodies the “web3”? The “web3” would be the third age in the history of the Internet, successor, according to its defenders, of Web 1.0, which reigned from the beginning of the 1990s until the mid-2000s, and of Web 2.0, hegemonic since the decade 2010. Embodied by actors like Yahoo! or … Read more

Freight Forwarder HBI Chooses to Streamline Operations in Shipping’s ‘Age of Disruption’

Freight Forwarder HBI Chooses Vectorai to Streamline Operations in Shippings

HBI will use’s solution to automate freight operations and increase efficiency amid shipping disruptions LONDON, June 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, the productivity platform for freight forwarders, today announced that HBI, a freight forwarder specializing in sea and air transport, was now a new client.’s technology will automate workflows in HBI’s Accounts … Read more

Organizations in the age of digital acceleration

Applications, cloud, meeting tools, telework, connected objects, industrial sensors or even data processing or artificial intelligence: technology is everywhere. All structures now use it, at least at the basic level. To the point that, today, the issue is no longer about the tool: beyond technology, companies are working to “become digital” in their operation and … Read more

Olivier Babeau: “We will not escape the metaverse, but we must learn the art of living in the digital age”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – The metaverse, which is based on the creation of virtual worlds in augmented reality, is not necessarily dangerous, even if its development must be carefully examined, argues the president of the Sapiens Institute (think-tank) . Olivier Babeau is president of the Sapiens Institute (think-tank). His latest published work is The New Digital Disorder. … Read more

In the digital age, Thales and triPica support mobile operators in their digital transformation

In the digital age Thales and triPica support mobile operators

Faced with the growing phenomenon of digitization, Thales is joining forces with tripica to develop a mobile solution offering a simplified and secure customer journey. Based on the technological complementarity of the two companies, the solution optimizes the user experience and the management of the subscriber account, while facilitating the enrollment of new customers remotely. … Read more