Experts in IT service providers in French-speaking Africa – An international presence

Experts in IT service providers in French speaking Africa An

Faced with the wave of digitalization, Francophone Africa faces challenges as modern technologies collide with their traditions. One wonders what the future holds for computing and telecommunications on the African continent. In this article, we will explore how different sectors can take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology in order to contribute to the … Read more

The place of digital in the financial sector in Africa

The place of digital in the financial sector in Africa

Financial inclusion is a major economic and social issue worldwide. Digital is increasingly used as a lever, particularly through financial technologies. These are experiencing significant development and Africa is not left out of this dynamic. How is an African Financial Tech ecosystem created? Who are its players, what is its market and what are the … Read more

Will the Metaverse be your new workplace? – BBC News Africa

1673802384 Will the Metaverse be your new workplace BBC News

Jane Wakefield Technology 51 minutes ago Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, In the future, could your commute to work be just a simple walk to pick up your VR headset? When we look back 50 years from now, it’s likely that the 2D internet we all use today will seem ridiculously archaic. Not only … Read more

In Africa, 5G mobile networks are expected to contribute $26 billion to the economy by 2030 (report)

Artificial intelligence at the service of the next generation of

(Ecofin Agency) – The GSMA estimates that the number of 5G subscriptions should reach more than 340 million in Africa by the end of the current decade, and expects this pervasive technology to revolutionize all parts of the world. ‘economy. 5G mobile networks are expected to represent, across their entire value chain, an economic contribution … Read more

Three challenges related to AI in education in sub-Saharan Africa

Mental health the 10 innovations that will revolutionize 2023

By artificial intelligence (AI), we mean a process of imitation of human intelligence made possible, thanks to the creation and application of sophisticated algorithms. If, under other skies, artificial intelligence is experiencing a great expansion like the UNITED STATESin Africa, even if the situation is not the same across the continent, the train is still … Read more

Tecnotree Announces Simultaneous Start of Digital Stack Production for 5 Vendor Groups in Europe, Middle East and Africa and 100 Million Subscribers

Tecnotree Announces Simultaneous Start of Digital Stack Production for 5

ESPOO, Finland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tecnotree, a leading global provider of digital platforms and services for 5G and cloud-native technologies, announces the concurrent deployment of its Digital Business Support Solutions (BSS) from telecommunications service providers in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, totaling more than 100 million subscribers. This rollout is part of large-scale BSS digital transformation of … Read more

What’s the secret to the power of “trend” on social media? – BBC News Africa

1671660925 Whats the secret to the power of trend on social

4 hours ago Photo credit, Getty Images These can be topics and comments about the World Cup or other posts talking about something new, which occupy most users, in what we used to call the “hot topic”, before that it becomes a “trend” with social media scrolling. Have you participated in commenting on the news … Read more

South Africa has an artificial intelligence institute

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The AIISA Artificial Intelligence Institute, South Africa’s first was launched on November 30 as part of a partnership between the University of Johannesburg (UJ), Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) and the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, at Johannesburg Business School, one of UJ’s faculties. The institute will be split into two centers, one in … Read more

In Africa, mobile money can add one percentage point per year to GDP per capita growth (report)

Tesla un impressionnant accident en Chine relance a tort

(Agence Ecofin) – Econometric modeling shows that Kenya’s GDP, which reached $84 billion in 2019, would have been $76 billion only if mobile money had not been deployed. A successful adoption of mobile money in developing countries, and more particularly in Africa, is able to add a percentage point to the growth rate of GDP … Read more

Can we fight wrinkles? – BBC News Africa

Can we fight wrinkles BBC News Africa

Nahim Qassem BBC News Arabic November 26, 2022 Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, Wrinkles are mainly associated with age, but there are factors that accelerate their appearance, such as smoking and frequent exposure to the sun. Have you ever imagined putting saliva on your face to protect it from the appearance of wrinkles? Millions … Read more