iPhone 14: car accident detection is more sensitive than expected

1663894273 iPhone 14 car accident detection is more sensitive than

Announced with a certain emphasis by Apple, during its last keynote, the detection of car accidents allowed with the iPhone 14 was tested in (almost) real conditions by a YouTuber. Independently tested by a YouTuber, the traffic accident detection function seems to be on point… but has a few surprises in store // Source: TechRax … Read more

Metaverse: victim of an accident? Contact Your Lawyer – BeinCrypto UK

Metaverse victim of an accident Contact Your Lawyer BeinCrypto

In the United States, a team of lawyers offers to defend the victims of accidents related to the use of VR headsets in the metaverse. A law firm based in Florida, USA, offers to help victims of metaverse-related accidents assert their rights and sue the culprits. Serious proposal or stroke of genius advertising ? It’s … Read more

In the event of an accident, this Chinese electric car is safer than the Mégane E-Tech and the BMW i4

1662797089 In the event of an accident this Chinese electric car

It has not yet arrived in Europe and it is already making waves: it is the friendly Ora Funky Cat from the Chinese group Great Wall Motor which has just obtained 5 stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests. At the question, “Why aren’t more Chinese cars sold in Europe”, the answer was clear: they … Read more

Your Android smartphone could help you in the event of a car accident

1656718093 Your Android smartphone could help you in the event of

Features seen in a Google app show that a car accident assistance service will soon arrive on your smartphone. The Pixel range already benefits from this. The tool is used to detect crashes and call for help on your behalf. This is a feature that is currently exclusive to Pixel smartphones, but very recent clues … Read more

In a Porsche Taycan, you are more likely to have an accident than in a Tesla

In a Porsche Taycan you are more likely to have

According to a recent study, Tesla drivers would be much less likely to have an accident than driving a thermal car or a Porsche Taycan. They would indeed be more attentive and less tired. Despite what critics say, riding in electric car does not have only drawbacks, quite the contrary. Indeed, the advantages are numerous, … Read more